Bend your back

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Bend your back

In game sports, under bad weather conditions, outsiders get an advantage. This is because of the influence of external factors, it is difficult for leading players to show their individual qualities. Cricket is the only sport in which the meaning of bend your back is used. What does it mean?

Bend your back: the basic meaning

In this sport, a similar expression is used when the field is perfectly flat. In this case, for the ball to fly from the bowler to the batsman with a certain rotation, the first player needs to bend his back. That is, to make additional efforts. Sometimes the movement of the body helps the player to get an additional boost when throwing.

Bend your back: similar meaning

The batsman has a similar expression – carry your bat. It is addressed to the last player of the team who remained in this position to finish the inning. Usually, it is always difficult for 11 numbers to maintain their strength and attitude until the end of the game, so the cricketers who finish the innings often score few points.

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