Dancing (down the pitch)

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Dancing (down the pitch)

Batsmen employ a variety of technical and tactical tricks to gain a vantage point. For example, dancing (down the pitch). This is the moment when the kickers approach the bowlers during the throw of the opponent. To do this, batsmen allow themselves to skip once or twice down the wicket.

Dancing (down the pitch): the basic meaning

When the ball hits the boundary, the fielder has little chance of reaching it. The batsman can earn more runs this way. There is a special pitch on the cricket field. The batsman needs to hit the ball to score points. Then he can take a few steps forward. This tactic is especially good when the player is gaining momentum when hitting the ball. The kicker needs to approach the hit prepared and execute it correctly technically. In the case of poorly delivered techniques, there is a high probability of making a mistake.

Experts advise players to keep their feet and shoulders in line at the moment of contact with the ball and hit it confidently. Then there is a chance to surprise the bowler.

Also, it is important to apply a lot of force to the hit to perform dancing (down the pitch). In order for the ball to fly as far as possible, it is important to catch it as early as possible under review. Excessive movement in preparation for a hit can prevent the ball from going where the batsman intended.

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