Occupying the crease

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Occupying the crease

In professional cricket, each club has its own game tactics. It all depends on the settings that the team captains give to their players before the upcoming championship. However, during the match, these settings can constantly change. Let’s say that during the game, the team probably knows that it will not be able to beat its rivals already. But to play a draw, it is enough for them to defend their wicket with high quality.

In the glossary of cricket terms, there is a phrase called “occupying the crease”. It denotes the defensive actions of a player with a bat who accurately hits serves and only at 100% of the opportunity (and then not always) earns runs for the team.

In fact, in such a situation, the batting club only needs to hope only for the mistakes of the batsman (which is unlikely) or for its good throws. When batsmen are occupying the crease, it is very disliked by fielders and, to tell the truth, it is difficult to argue with this.

By the way, even if the team did not have any settings for a draw, you can still notice occupying the crease in matches. This usually happens when a novice batsman enters the field.

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Nisha Bhavani
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