Boot Hill

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Boot Hill

This position in cricket is considered one of the most unpleasant for players. Most often, boot hill means hitting the ball. A player in this position is often referred to as a short leg. It is not surprising that the youngest members of the team usually act on it.

Boot Hill: the basic meaning

Such decisions of umpires are justified by the fact that young cricketers have good reactions and vision. They should not get under the ball. If a projectile arrives in their direction, the players have protective equipment: a helmet and a shin guard. In the boot hill position, the athletes are only a few yards away from the batsman.

A quick reaction is necessary for players in the boot hill position to react to the throw and, ideally, catch the ball. If this does not work, then you need to try to dodge it at least. If the cricketer manages to win the ball, then his team’s chances of success will be higher than the opponent’s.

Boot Hill: how do cricketers play?

It is important for players in this position to follow the bowler’s throw from the very beginning. Experts advise young players never to pay attention to the batsman’s actions, as most often, they can be a distraction. Due to inattention, there is a risk of getting a painful blow to the body, in particular, to the head. It is always easier for boot hill to act when they had time to see how a teammate played in this position during the match. Reading the game is very important. Developed intuition and class allow athletes to catch even difficult throws well. Every coach will be happy to have such a valuable cricketer in his squad.

Nisha Bhavani
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