What is a run in cricket?

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Cricket runs are the points earned by a team during a match. It is the number of runs that determines who will be the winner. The name of this type of point is not accidental because they are awarded for running batsmen while the opposing team’s players are trying to return the ball to the wicket.

What are cricket runs?

Two teams of 11 people each play a cricket match. The match consists of separate parts – innings. During the game, one team either serves the ball or bounces. There are team gates on both sides of the pitch – three wooden posts driven into the ground, on top of which are two wooden crossbars. One of the players on the serving team who throws the ball is called the bowler. His task is to destroy the wicket of the opposing team.

The batsman who holds the bat in his hands and stands next to the wicket is called the batsman. Its purpose is to protect the wicket from destruction. The batsman of the battering team is also at the second wicket.

The goal of each of the teams during the match is to earn as many points as possible – runs. Runs are earned in the following way.

  • During a cricket match, the bowler serves the ball – he throws it in an attempt to destroy the opposing team’s wicket that the batsman is defending.
  • If the batsman hits the ball, he runs to the opposite wicket. At the same time, a player of his team, who is standing at this gate, runs towards him. Such a run is called a run, each worth a point to the battering team.
  • While the batsmen are running, the serving team will try to catch the ball as quickly as possible and return it to one of the wickets. Until this happens, batsmen can pick up wounds.

Of course, getting runs for your team is a risky endeavor. The fact is that, according to the rules of cricket, innings lasts until the moment when all the players of the battering team are removed from the game. There are several ways to take the batsman out of the game:

  1. If the serving team has returned the ball to the wicket while the batsman is between the wickets (then that batsman is dismissed).
  2. If the wicket was destroyed (then the batsman who defended it is eliminated).
  3. If a player of the serving team catches the ball before it hits the ground (the batsman who bounced the ball out).

After the batsman is removed from the game, another player takes his place, and so on until all the players of the battering team are knocked out. After that, the serving and battering teams change their roles.

The victory goes to the team that scored the most runs at the end of the match.

Which cricketer has earned the most injuries in history?

By the number of wins earned, the winner of the match is determined, but the rating of the bettors is built. Here are the five most scoring players in the history of world cricket:

  1. Sir Donald Bradman (6,996 test cricket runs, batting average 99.94). Don is a true icon of Australian sports and the greatest batsman in cricket history. No one could seriously compete with him when Don was at his peak, and taking at least one of his wickets was a great honor for any bowler. His batting average is 99.94 – and this indicator speaks for itself. In 80 innings, he earned 29 test hundred (centuries).
  2. Sachin Tendulkar (15,921 test cricket runs, batting average 53.78). Sachin is a modern cricket legend, the god of this game, originally from India. He rose to fame as an outstanding batsman throughout his career, but as a bowler, he threatened his opponents (46 wickets in test cricket and bowling average of 54.17).
  3. Sir Viv Richards (8,540 test cricket runs, batting average 50.23). This player is most famous for his participation in ODI matches (187 matches, 6,721 runs, batting average 47) and is, according to many experts, the best batsman of all time in this format. Viv ranked among the top five cricketers of the past century alongside Shane Warne, Sir Jack Hobbs, Sir Donald Brandman and Sir Garfield Sobers.
  4. Sir Garfield Sobers (8,032 test cricket runs, 57.78 batting average). This West Indian player, better known simply as Harry, was known for his aggressive playstyle. In total, he played 93 matches in test cricket and proved himself not only as a first-class bestman, but also as a bowler (235 wickets, bowling average 34.03). Thanks to this, he is included in the rating of the greatest cricket players in the world of all time.
  5. Jacques Kallis (13,289 test cricket runs, 55.37 batting average). He is one of the greatest all-rounders in cricket history. HehHas over 11,000 runs and 250 wickets in ODI and Test Cricket.

Run is one of the main elements of cricket, without which this game would be completely different.

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