Cover or the covers

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Cover or the covers

This short review article is about some of the field positions in the cricket championships. We analyze how the cover differs from the covers and why the cow corner location is called that way. Read our prepared material and find out a lot of interesting information.

Cover in cricket tournaments denotes the location of the outfield players on the next hit of the batsman. This position, depending on the batsman’s working hand, may vary. However, this is always a part of the field on the left or right flank. Let’s analyze the cover points for a right-handed batsman (we describe the positions from the batsman’s side):

  • Cover (located closest to the batsman, near the boundaries of the circle on the right side, at an angle of 30-35 degrees from the batsman);
  • Extra cover (the same position near the circle borders, but slightly lower in relation to the cover position. The player with the extra cover position is on the left hand behind the bowler);
  • Deep cover (position at the very edge of the playing field. The player is placed on the same line as the cricketer in the cover position, but only behind him);
  • Deep extra cover (relative to previous places, this is the farthest point. It is in line with the extra cover, but only on the site’s border, that is, on the farthest circle).

The situation is exactly the same on the other hand if the batsman is left-handed.

In these positions, the serving team prepares to catch hits called the cover drive. Such a blow is considered one of the most beautiful in cricket (take a look at what a cover drive is on any video hosting site). Batsmen who hit like this (and the ball goes through all the cover positions) usually get applause in the stadium and receive high marks for their performance at the end of the match.

Here is a list of some notable players who are considered masters of cover drive beat:

  1. Ian Bell;
  2. Kumar Sangakkara;
  3. Sachin Tendulkar;
  4. Babar Azam;
  5. Virat Kohli.

As for the meanings of the word the covers, everything is very simple here. If the stadium staff sees that it may rain a couple of hours before the match, they cover all the playing parts of the stadium with waterproof material (pay special attention to the pitch). In cricket, this is called the covers.

Nisha Bhavani
Author: Nisha Bhavani Position: Cricket Expert

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