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Cricket nets are a key, and most importantly, a convenient element in all cricket training sessions. For any player, the main task in training is to learn how to hit or serve balls as well as possible. To speed up this process a little, there are special places with nets at the training bases.

What are these places? These are the same game pitches, but with three sides fenced nets (two sides and the side of the player with the bat). Of course, you probably guessed what they are needed for. Naturally, the ball does not fly out of the pitch (if only through the up) thanks to nets. This is very convenient for both a bowler and a batsman. In addition, if there are several such places in the stadium, it will allow a large number of people to train at the same time.

In addition to saving time, nets are also needed for the safety of people. However, since the bowler’s zone and the upper part are open, the nets do not give a 100% guarantee that the ball will not fly out of the pitch. Such places are widely distributed in schools. In addition, anyone who is fond of cricket can put nets on home territory and enjoy the game. And if he wants the balls to arrive at different speeds and with different techniques, he can install a special bowling machine (such machines are also often used in professional training).

In fact, not all nets are the same. If the training takes place in the gym, then the nets must also protect the ceiling. Nets can also be made of different materials for outdoor playgrounds. Basically, it is a synthetic polymer, and it is quite wear-resistant and relatively cheap. In addition, you can also see metal nets. It all depends on the budget and the wishes of the team, the association, etc.

In any case, no matter what material the nets are made of (the main thing is that they are not badly damaged), they play an important role in all training processes. And it’s not just about cricket.

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Nisha Bhavani
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