First eleven

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First eleven

In cricket, like in football, two teams of 11 people participate. The first eleven is the core of the team. Each player who is considered part of the starting lineup is usually the most experienced and professional than those sitting on the bench or who are not included in the squad (the exception may be an injury to the main player).

However, everything is very strict with spare people in cricket. There are reserve players in this sport, but they only come out in emergencies. According to the current law, the main player can be replaced in case of injury. But it’s worth noting that a new player cannot come out as a bowler, batsman, or captain. If the batsman cannot move, the second bowler (he is almost always on the field) earns wounds. If a bowler needs a substitution, a substitute comes out instead, but since he does not have the right to serve balls, the number of bowlers in the team decreases.

By the way, with regard to the keepers of the gates. Previously, it was also forbidden for a substitute player to go out instead of the keeper, but in 2017 this rule was canceled.

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