Chinese Cut

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Chinese Cut

Since a player who served an unexpected serve with a spin (where the ball changed its direction after bouncing) was called a chinaman for a long time, any blow performed by a batsman was called a Chinese Cut.

Usually, batsmen hit the ball with the edge of the bat. However, due to the specific service, they have to catch the ball and try to hit it with the inside part (the part of the bat that is closer to the hands). Naturally, not everyone succeeds. Due to an incomprehensible rebound from the ground, the ball can also immediately knock out stumps or hit the batsman himself.

However, the Chinese Cut also has its advantages. Since most of the serve falls on the inside of the bat, the ball’s flight will be sharp and low. Because of this, in the first seconds of the strike, the field players (and especially the keeper of the wicket) do not know where the ball is going. While they try to catch him, the batsman earns injuries for his team.

By the way, the Chinese Cut has other names:

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