North zone cricket team

Team Country: India
Team City:
Team Administrator: Board of Control for Cricket in India
Founded (Year): 1961
Captain: Harbhajan Singh
Forms of Cricket: First-Class Limited Overs
North zone cricket team

North Zone cricket team: Indan Indian domestic cricket team

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North zone cricket team

The North zone professional team made its debut at the cricket Championships in 1961. This team consists of the best players of 6 Indian first-class clubs. Every year, the composition of the team changes. North zone participates in such tournaments as the Duleep Trophy and the Deodhar Trophy. To date, the team has 18 championship titles in one championship and 13 trophies in another, respectively. The Board of Control for Cricket in India sponsors and manages the sports team. Read our prepared material about the popular Indian national team from the North zone.

North zone cricket team – Duleep Trophy tournament

As we wrote at the beginning, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) manages the team. This is the national Sports Council, whose duties include the popularization and development of cricket in the country. The company was formed in 1928. BCCI organizes a number of successful tournaments at a high level: Ranji Trophy, Vijay Hazare Trophy, Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, Duleep Trophy, Deodhar Trophy and others. In total, the Board holds about 12 professional cricket championships.

Until the 1960s, cricket was played only in one tournament – the Ranji Trophy. This is a first-class championship, the matches of which last from 3 to 5 days. Teams representing different states and union states of India participate in the competitions.

In parallel, in 1961, another first-class tournament called the Duleep Trophy was organized in the country. Until 2015, 5 zonal teams participated in it, consisting of players from different cricket clubs.

So the North zone cricket team includes the following sports teams:

The North zone club lost its debut match at the Duleep Trophy to the team from the South zone. For the first time, it was possible to reach the final only nine years later, in 1970. Then, in the semi-final, the team won against the South zone cricket team but lost to the West zone club in the decisive match.

North zone cricket team – Duleep Trophy tournament

Finally, in 1974, the national team won its 1st championship trophy. In the final, it dealt with the Central zone cricket team. Further, the players from the North zone showed a very good game for a long period of time. See for yourself:

  • 1976-1978. Three times getting to the final round (unfortunately lost);
  • 1979-1980 Two wins in the final;
  • 1983-1984 4th and 5th championship titles at the Duleep Trophy;
  • Another time getting to the final;
  • 1988-1989* years. Plus two championship wins;
  • 1991-1995. Five consecutive finals won;
  • 2000-2001 Two more titles in the piggy bank (14th in total);
  • Losing in the final;
  • 15th championship trophy;
  • Reaching the final stage;
  • 2007-2008 The penultimate two wins in decisive matches;
  • Loss in the final meeting;
  • 2014*. The extreme title won.

*During this time, the finals were drawn in 1989 and 2014. The North zone cricket team has shared the championship trophies twice with West and South teams.

Since 2016, the format of the competition has changed. Today, only three teams participate in it: India Blue, India Red and India Green.

North zone cricket team – Deodhar Trophy tournament

North zone cricket team – Deodhar Trophy tournament

Since 1973, the zonal team has been participating in other cricket competitions under the name Deodhar Trophy. For a long time, the same five zonal clubs played at the tournament (until 2015). The championship is held in a format with a limited number of overs. This means that one game lasts a maximum of 8 hours and consists of 2 innings, in each of which 50 overs are played.

Here, the North zone cricket team won its 1st title in 1978. Then the club had a bright period in 1987-1990 (plus four championship titles in a row). Until the end of the XX century, the team was able to take three more trophies. To date, the last championship victory happened in 2011. In total, the team has 13 trophies at the Deodhar Trophy competitions.

Since 2015, the rules of the tournament have changed. Now it is attended by such teams as India A, India B and India C.

For all the time, some of the famous players of the North zone cricket team are:

  1. Kapil Dev;
  2. Gautam Gambhir;
  3. Ishant Sharma;
  4. Harbhajan Singh;
  5. Yuvraj Singh;
  6. Virat Kohil.

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