Super50 Cup

Full Current Name: CG Insurance Super50 Cup
Tournament Country: West Indies
Tournament Administrator: West Indies Cricket Board (CWI)
Cricket Forms: Limited Overs
Nearest Tournament: 29 October 2022 - 19 November 2022
Format Tournament: Group stage and knockout
Numbers Of Team: 8
Super50 Cup

Super50 Cup (West Indies) Tournament

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Super50 Cup (West Indies) Tournament

Perhaps it is difficult to find a sport that could rival cricket in popularity in the West Indies. The team of this region is a dangerous rival at the international level and has been taking part in ICC matches for many years. At the regional level, players compete against each other in several championships, including the Super50 Cup (West Indies), the current name of which is the CG Insurance Super50 Cup. We will tell you about this tournament in more detail.

CG Insurance Super50 Cup: foundation and a new name

Once cricket was brought to the territory of the West Indies by British soldiers, now this game has turned into a national and beloved sport. This tournament is one of the regional championships where the best players of the entire region compete. It takes place in the format of One day cricket (List A).

The history of the tournament began many years ago. The first ODI championship in the West Indies was held back in March 1970, but there was a lull for several years after that. It was only in 1976 that the Gillette Cup was founded; at the same time, the first ODI match in several years was held. This tournament was named in honor of the main award, which would go to the winner; four clubs fought for the title. It was this championship that became the beginning of the large-scale CG Insurance Super50 Cup championship that we know today.

The Gillette Cup was created a year after a significant event for the entire West Indian cricket: in 1975, the West Indian team prevailed in the Cricket World Cup, defeating the Australian team. The first winner of the Gillette Cup was the team of Barbados.

The tournament changed its name several times, managed to visit both the Geddes Grant/Harrison Line Trophy and the Geddes Grant Shield, and the Shell/Sandals Trophy had some other names. At one time, this tournament was unofficially called even the KFC Cup – in honor of the main sponsor.

The current name of the championship is CG Insurance Super50 Cup; less often, the name Super50 Cup or Regional Super50 Cup is also used.

The year of the tournament’s foundation 1975
The number of tournaments held 45
The most titled team 13 titles Trinidad and Tobago (1978/79, 1980/81, 1989/90, 1991/92, 1995/96, 1996/97, 2004/05, 2006/07, 2008/09, 2009/10, 2014/15, 2015/16, 2020/21)
Match format One day cricket

CG Insurance Super50 Cup: foundation and a new name

Significant events in the history of the championship

The CG Insurance Super50 Cup tournament has existed, although under different names, for many decades. We tell you about the most important events and records:

  • The most intense match in the history of the tournament is considered to be the final of 2010 when the victory was shared by the teams of Barbados and Leeward Islands. The Leeward Islands attacked first and was able to earn only 139 runs, but defended this result at Sabina Park (Jamaica).
  • The most titled team, which is far from all rivals, is Trinidad and Tobago. This participant has 13 titles on his account (including one shared with Guyana in the 1995/96 season). In second place in terms of the number of wins with a large gap is Guyana (9 wins, including two shared with Leeward Islands (1995/96) and with Trinidad and Tobago (1995/96). In third place is Jamaica; this team has 8 titles, including one shared with Leeward Islands (1977/78).
  • The best result in one Super50 Cup match was achieved by Johnson Charles: he earned 177 runs playing for the Windward Islands team against Barbados.
  • In one match, Pedro Collins (Barbados) was the best bowler, who took 7 of 11 wickets in a game against West Indies Under-19s. This happened in 2007.
  • If we talk about the overall results, the most productive bowler in the championship history is Mahendra Nagamootoo (Guyana Jaguars), who took 107 wickets in 72 matches.
  • But the title of the best batsman is carried by a player of the Guyana Jaguars team named Shiv Chanderpaul, whose totals are 3,132 runs in 100 innings.

Significant events in the history of the championship

Super50 Cup (West Indies) now

The following teams are currently playing One day cricket in this tournament

  • Barbados Pride
  • Windward Islands Volcanoes
  • Guyana Jaguars
  • Leeward Islands Hurricanes
  • Jamaica Scorpions
  • Trinidad and Tobago Red Force

The teams play each other in a round-robin format: all the opponents are divided into two zones (zone A and zone B) at the group stage, each team meets with all the opponents; that is, they play two matches at the group stage.

The top four teams advance to the semifinals, depending on the number of points earned (4 points are awarded to the team for a win, 2 points are awarded to the opponents for a draw, 0-for a loss; in addition, under certain conditions, the winning team can be awarded one bonus point). The teams that won in the semifinals fight among themselves for the title of champion.

This tournament now plays the role of a kind of launching pad for cricketers, who, after showing themselves here, get a ticket to the international arena. For example, CG Insurance Super50 Cup was the springboard for Keon Harding, Jayden Seales and Joshua Da Silva, whose career is just beginning.

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