Saba Karim said the following about Prasidh Krishna

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Saba Karim said the following about Prasidh Krishna

The Asian Cup 2022 starts very soon. The main favorite of the tournament is the Indian national team. Rahul Dravid’s guys continue to test young players, giving them chances to prove themselves at the highest level. But it is difficult for some young professionals to get used to playing for the national team right away. Indian national team ex-player Saba Karim said the following about Prasidh Krishna.

I am happy that the selection department of the India national club club gives Prasidh time to get used to the new rhythm of the game. When you’re young, you need trust to show your best game. I am sure that this guy will continue to progress,” said Saba Karim.

Recall that Prasidh Krishna failed to show his best qualities in the series with England and the West Indies. However, the leadership of the India national team states that this player has been given full confidence. Prasidh will continue to receive regular gaming practice at the international level.

Right now, Krishna is defending the national squad’s colors in the ODI series against Zimbabwe.

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