India team won ODI series with West Indies

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India team won ODI series with West Indies

Rahul Dravid’s club added a lot after losing in the fifth test game with England — Rohit Sharma and company alternately outplayed the English in the T20 and ODI series. And, it seems that the India national squad is not going to slow down — the India team won ODI series with West Indies, taking the second match to its asset with a handicap of 2 wickets.

Recall that the India national club won the first match of this series with a handicap of 3 runs. Thus, Rahul Dravid’s team beat the West Indies twice in a row, so now this series’s third match does not matter.

It should be noted that in the second contest of the ODI series, there was one change in the India national team compared to the first match of the series — Avesh Khan appeared instead of Prasidh Krishna.

Both matches of the ODI series between India and the West Indies turned out to be quite difficult: the Indian team won the first battle with a handicap of 3 runs, and Rahul Dravid’s club failed to get a confident victory in the second match.

It should be noted that in the series with the West Indies, Shikhar Dhawan was appointed captain of the India national team. At the post-match press conference, the India national squad’s official leader noted that Rahul Dravid’s squad is in excellent shape. Dhawan also stated that he feels perfect in the role of captain of the national team.

“The India national team has repeatedly proved to everyone that it is worth considering. The World Cup in Australia is waiting for us in the autumn, and this tournament is our main goal. The West Indies are a tough opponent, but we managed to cope with this test,” said the captain of the India national club.

The West Indies team suffered 5 defeats in a row

It is quite possible to argue with the fact that the West Indies is currently too tricky an opponent because the West Indies national team suffered 5 defeats in a row on the eve. Phil Simmons’ ODI team looks awful this summer.

The West Indies managed to confidently win the series with the Netherlands (3-0) in early June, but then a very serious decline followed – Phil Simmons’ wards alternately lost dry to the national teams of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

It should be noted that Phil Simmons, the head coach of the West Indies, remains calm. The specialist stated the day before that his wards would be able to get their best shape for the upcoming World Cup in Australia.

“This summer period is difficult for us, but we have a very experienced squad that can get out of the crisis. In the autumn we have to play the World Cup in Australia. And we can perform great there,” Phil Simmons said.

Recall that the West Indies national club became the world champion in the T20 format in 2012 and 2016.

The West Indies will have to go through the first group stage this year. Scotland, Ireland and Zimbabwe are in the same group as Phil Simmons’ club.

India managed to avoid getting into the first stage. At the moment, South Africa, Pakistan and Bangladesh are in the same group of the second stage as India.

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