Virat Kohli will play in the series with Zimbabwe

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Virat Kohli will play in the series with Zimbabwe

Recently, one of the strongest players of the Indian generation, Virat Kohli, has been the center of many news reports. The Indian star has lost his best form, and the public continues to actively argue about whether Virat will be able to return to his previous level. On the eve, it became known that the India national cricket team selectors decided: Virat Kohli will play in the series with Zimbabwe in the ODI format, which will take place in August this year.

It should be noted that such a decision by the selectors of the India national team is because the Indian leadership still believes that Kohli can return to proper form and help his team at the Asian Cup 2022.

It should be recalled that Virat Kohli will miss the upcoming series in white-ball formats with the West Indies. Virat, who continues to struggle with his psychological problems, has been given an unscheduled rest.

Representatives of the Indian Cricket Council have repeatedly said that they fully trust the experienced Virat Kohli. On the eve of the series with the West Indies, the BCCI once again spoke about the current state of the star player.

“There is still time before the meeting of the breeding department. But at the moment, the plan is as follows: Virat Kohli will rest while the national squad plays the T20 and ODI series with the West Indies, but in the confrontations with Zimbabwe, Virat will appear to get the necessary game practice, which he needs now,” BCCI representatives noted.

Kohli is no longer able to benefit India

Kohli is no longer able to benefit India

There is much talk around Virat Kohli right now: someone insists that he needs to think about ending his career in the national team since Kohli is no longer able to benefit India, while some note that Virat, who has already experienced such unsuccessful periods in the course of his career, needs to be given time to recover. And some specialists insist on the following: Virat cannot return to his previous level in any way, primarily because the leadership of the India national team cannot find the right approach to Kohli in any way.

There is an opinion that it is very inconvenient for Virat to play in the schedule that the selection department offers him. Experts note that Kohli can not come to a proper state in any way because sometimes he is given too much unnecessary rest.

The day before, the legendary Ricky Ponting expressed his support for Virat Kohli. The former captain of the Australian national team said that the presence of Virat Kohli in the Indin national club makes the opponents play more carefully.

“I think that India will lose its status without Virat Kohli. Kohli is a player who is feared regardless of his current form. When this guy is playing against you, you need to be extremely careful. We all experience downturns in our careers, and I am sure that Virat will still be able to return to the previous level,” said Ricky Ponting.

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