Virat Kohli will miss series with West Indies

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Virat Kohli will miss series with West Indies

Yesterday it became known that, most likely, Virat Kohli will miss the series with the West Indies. This was announced by the selection department of the Indian Cricket Board of Control — the experts decided not to choose a player who is in bad shape for the Indian national team.

It is reported that the selectors of the India national club are very cautious about Virat Kohli’s groin injury, which has been bothering the professional for quite a long time. Experts note that the main goal for them is to maintain a good functional state of Virat — it is impossible to allow Kohli’s injury to worsen.

“Our selection department will try to prevent Kohli’s injury from developing into something serious,” BCCI representatives said.

Kohli is an important link in the India national squad

It should be recalled that India will have to play quite a lot of confrontations in the summer. Virat Kohli will have to fight for a place in the national team because the World Cup in the T20 format starts in Australia in November this year.

Many analysts who are close to the Indian cricket system have repeatedly noted that Virat Kohli’s entry into the World Championship team is not a given — the leadership of the India national squad will likely be disappointed in a player who has not been able to reach his previous level for a long time.

However, both Kohli himself and people from his entourage have repeatedly stated that he will approach the T20 World Cup in his best form. Rahul Dravid noted that Kohli is an important link in the India national squad.

The coaching staff is counting on the return of KL Rahul to the ranks

But, in fairness, it is worth noting that most of Virat Kohli’s problems are not functional (physical), but psychological. Virat Kohli, as he has repeatedly noted, cannot cope with the pressure that the audience, the press and teammates put on him.

It is reported that the line-up of the India national team in the T20 series against the West Indies will undergo serious changes: the coaching staff is counting on the return of KL Rahul. The role of captain is likely to be played by Rohit Sharma. Jasprit Bumrah, according to some sources, will be given a rest.

India is listed as one of the main favorites

BCCI also noted that Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Jasprit Bumrah, Rishabh Pant, Mohammad Shami and Hardik Pandya will most likely not be in the India national squad for the ODI stage of the Caribbean tour — all experienced performers will get a much-needed respite now.

Such drastic changes in the line-up are inherent in the India cricket team, which is now conducting large-scale preparations for the upcoming T20 World Cup. Rahul Dravid, the head coach of the national team, has repeatedly noted that it is important for India to use all the personnel opportunities that it has.

The Indian generation is very strong, so the selection department has a lot of work to do to select the best for the world championship in Australia. India is listed as one of the main favorites, and Dravid’s guys cannot fail any way.

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