Trey Smith believes Lucknow Super Giants will fight for the trophy

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Lucknow Super Giants

The former South African captain in all formats of the game, Trey Smith believes that Lucknow Super Giants will fight for the trophy this season.  Recall that the current IPL championship is the debut for the Giants.

Beat Chennai, Sunrisers and Delhi Capitals

The start of the regular season for Super Giants turned out to be incredibly successful. After losing to Gujarat Titans, Lucknow managed to get together and beat Chennai, Sunrisers and Delhi Capitals in turn.

“I look at the line-up and the game of Lucknow Super Giants and see that this team will struggle this season. They have a very good squad that can keep an excellent level of play throughout the season. Their main strength is teamwork. They need to establish some interactions, and then Super Giants can be considered as a full-fledged contender. <…> The leaders of Lucknow are doing great: Rahul, Huda, Badoni and others — all these guys look like players of the level of the best teams in India,” Trey Smith said.

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