Rohit Sharma said that India needs to be more aggressive in confrontations with England

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Rohit Sharma said that India needs to be more aggressive in confrontations with England

The British managed to get a strong-willed victory in the second match of the ODI series with the India national club. This victory allowed Brendon McCullum’s team to even the score in the series — now the final meeting will decide everything. After the end of the second confrontation of the series, Rohit Sharma said that India needs to be more aggressive in confrontations with England. Team captain, Rahul Dravid, noted that a more active style is the key to defeating an opponent.

It should be noted that India initially managed to seize the initiative in the second match of the ODI series, but then Brendon McCullum’s guys managed to add and turn the tide of the meeting — as a result, the England national team won by a margin of 100 runs.

Earlier this month, England and India have already managed to hold a test match, which ended with a convincing victory of the British, and the T20 series, which the Indians won 2-1.

Jos Buttler also shared his impressions

“I think we need to play more freely. Sometimes I get the feeling that our game is built according to some scheme or instructions, but this should not be – we need bold and aggressive solutions that can create problems for England,” said Rohit Sharma, one of the leaders of the India national club.

There is definitely logic in the words of the captain of the Indian team, because the British, after the arrival of Brendon McCullum as trainer and Ben Stokes as captain, began to play in a very aggressive manner – the “three lions” team tries to put pressure on their opponent from the very start of the meeting, but this does not always give a positive result: if the rival adjusts under the active manner of the English game, the guys of Brendon McCullum have an extremely difficult time.

Jos Buttler, who recently replaced Eoin Morgan as captain of the England national team in white-ball formats, also shared his impressions after the second battle of the series.

“The second match was not easy for us, just like the first. But the difference lies in the fact that we managed to rebuild a little during the second match, which helped to get an important victory. Now we have a great chance to beat a powerful opponent in the ODI format, and we are not going to miss this opportunity — we will do everything possible to take the series to our asset,” said Jos Buttler.

Rohit Sharma dislocated his elbow, but he got it back

It is impossible not to note one very interesting incident that happened during the second confrontation of the ODI series: the captain of the India national team, Rohit Sharma dislocated his elbow, but unexpectedly for many, he returned it back with a deft and precise movement. This incredible event got into the broadcast — the video from Sharma instantly went viral.

A little later, Rohit still left the field so that a team of qualified specialists examined the elbow of the Indian national team player. However, apparently, the doctors considered Rohit’s injury not serious, as after a while Sharma returned to the field and looked completely healthy.

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