Rajasthan — Mumbai Indians on April 30

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Rajasthan — Mumbai Indians on April 30

Teams from two different poles of the IPL standings will face off on the last day of April. The Sangakkara’s club, which is in the group of leaders of the championship with six wins in the asset after 8 matches, will be visited by the Mumbai Indians squad, which has not won once this season. Rajasthan — Mumbai Indians on April 30: is there no chance for the country’s most decorated team?

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Rajasthan lost only to Gujarat Titans

As part of the current regular season, Rajasthan lost to Gujarat Titans and RCB. BMs are not ready to believe that Mahela Jayawardene’s squad will be able to win the first victory this season in a duel with such a powerful opponent — Rajasthan is quite a serious favorite in the line.

It should be recalled that the first fight within the framework of the current championship happened on April 2. Then the Rajasthan team defeated its opponent with a handicap of 23 runs. Will Jayawardene’s team be able to take revenge?

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