Nasser Hussain praised Reece Topley

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Nasser Hussain praised Reece Topley

The England and India national teams hold a large number of matches in July: the national clubs have already managed to hold a test match, then the squads played a T20 series, and now the British and Indians are fighting in the ODI format. The opening match of this series ended with the triumph of Rahul Dravid’s team, but England took the second battle. English national team ex-player Nasser Hussain praised Reece Topli, noting that Reece will be the key to victory over the Indian squad.

The praise from Nasser Hussain is hardly groundless — Topley spent the second ODI with India great, scoring 6-24 and scoring the best result in the history of the England ODI team.

The British will host the World Cup in the T20 format

The expert noticed that he was sincerely impressed by the excellent performance of Reece Topli: Nasser is delighted that Reece, whose career is very difficult, managed to return to the highest level.

“I think it’s an outstanding story — the way he went through all the ups and downs, through stress fractures, admires. He’s been playing great in white-ball formats lately. <…> I can say that now Reece should not lose his place in England. The national team has problems with injuries, and if you have such a great player, then you just can’t miss him,” said Nasser Hussain.

The progress of Reece Topley can greatly help the England national team: the British will host the World Cup in the T20 format in the autumn, and they clearly want to justify the status of one of the main favorites.

The result of the team is much higher than personal ambitions

Reece Topley has repeatedly noted that he wants to help his national team. The player stated that for him the result of the team is much higher than personal ambitions, so he agrees to play any role that will be offered to him.

“England is one of the strongest squads in the world at the moment. It is a great honor for me to play for such a team. I understand perfectly well that there is a lot of competition in the national team now, but I will do everything possible to get into the roster of the team,” said Reece Topley.

It should be recalled that the ODI World Cup will be held in India in 2023 – the British continue to conduct systematic preparations for the world championships. Brendon McCullum independently noted that it is very important for him that the England national team was able to prove itself at the planetary championships.

The England team is not ready to show its maximum yet

Recall that after the completion of the ODI series with the India national squad, the England national team will have to hold a three-match ODI series with South Africa. A series of confrontations with the South Africa national club will begin on July 19.

Brendon McCullum earlier noted that the England team is not ready to show its maximum yet — the specialist said that the squad is not a “finished product”.

“Yes, we are progressing, but this does not mean that we need to stop there. Right now England is not a finished product, but I think we will be able to come to a better state by the autumn,” said the head coach of the England national team.

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