Kyle Ketzer is leaving the T20 Format

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Kyle Ketzer is leaving the T20 Format

About a month and a half ago, Kyle Ketzer announced his decision to give up the role of captain of the Scotland national squad, and he was replaced as the official club leader by Richie Berrington. And today, another unpleasant news came from one of the best players of recent years — Kyle Ketzer is leaving the T20 format.

“After careful discussions with the Scottish Cricket Board and the head coach of the national team, I have concluded that the team will benefit from the fact that someone else will play in the upcoming T20 and the World Cup in Australia,” Kyle Ketzer said.

Recall that Kyle Ketzer led the Scotland national team to the matches of the T20 World Cup as chief last year. Then the Scots had a great first stage, making it to the second stage, but they completely failed in the second stage, losing to Pakistan, New Zealand, India, Afghanistan and Namibia.

Kyle Ketzer also helped his national club qualify for the World Championship in Australia — Scotland will face the West Indies, Ireland and Zimbabwe at the first stage of the T20 World Cup.

Kyle Ketzer has become the best cricketer of the last decade

Recall that Kyle Ketzer has become the best cricketer of the last decade, playing for not the most powerful national team. He himself noted that it was a great honor to be the leader of the Scottish club, which has been quite successful in recent years. Ketzer said that playing as part of the national team will forever remain in his memory.

“It was very nice to be the chief of my country’s national team at the previous T20 World Cup. I am also glad that Scotland overcame the qualification stage this year. The time with the national team will always remain in my heart,” Ketzer said.

Recall that Kyle Ketzer played 70 matches in the T20 format as part of the Scotland national team. He was the leader in 40 of them — he managed to win 20 times in this segment.

Frankly speaking, Kyle Ketzer’s decision to end his career in the T20 format was not a big surprise. The Scottish player is already 38 years old, and it’s hard to play in such a tight schedule at that age.

Kyle Ketzer has become the best cricketer of the last decade

Kyle has repeatedly said he would like to spend more time with his family. And now Ketzer finally has such an opportunity. After abandoning this format, the Scotland national team player will have plenty of free time, which Ketzer can devote to his two young daughters.

“To be honest, I was looking forward to the moment when I finally had the opportunity to spend more time with my family. Now I can pay more attention to my loved ones and develop my coaching skills,” Kyle Ketzer said.

Recall that the Scotland national club will have to play the first meeting of the two-match T20 series against the New Zealand national team on July 27. The Scottish team will have to do in these meetings without Kyle Ketzer.

However, Scotland will play a one-off contest with New Zealand in the ODI format on July 31. And the ex-captain of the Scottish team will play in it.

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