India won the second test match against Australia

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India won the second test match against Australia

The India national team failed the second half of 2022, disappointing its fans. But over time, Rahul Dravid’s team still managed to recover – right now the Indian team looks almost the strongest in the world in all formats. The first battle of the test series with Australia ended with a confident victory of Sharma and the squad, and the Australians could not even the score: India won the second test match against Australia with a handicap of six wickets.

This is not the end of the confrontation between the Indian and Australian teams — the national teams will have to hold two more battles in a test format. The third match of the series will begin on March 1, the fourth — on March 9.

Australian fans are hoping that the Australian team will be able to even the score in a difficult series against India. However, there are not so many prerequisites for the comeback of the Australians: the first two matches of the test series were held with a tangible advantage of India. Rahul Dravid’s team is definitely not going to let go of the initiative.

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