Eoin Morgan Comments on Ben Stokes’ Departure From ODI

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Eoin Morgan Comments on Ben Stokes' Departure From ODI

Recently, Eoin Morgan announced his retirement from international cricket, saying he wants to make way for younger and “hot” players. But Eoin is still firmly connected with the England national team, which continues to undergo significant changes — Eoin Morgan commented on the departure of Ben Stokes from the ODI.

Recall that Ben Stokes, one of the leaders of the England national team, before the opening match of the ODI series with the South Africa national team, announced his decision to leave one of the formats with a white ball to focus on matches in the TEST and T20 formats.

“England will miss Ben. Stokes is a real leader both on the pitch and in the dressing room. He can lead people: Ben can find an approach to those players who have lost a little confidence in their abilities. It was a great pleasure for me to be in the same team with him, and I’m sad that Ben made such a decision, but I support Stokes anyway — if he did that, then there were reasons for it,” said Eoin Morgan.

Maybe Ben was too hasty with such a difficult decision

After Ben Stokes announced his decision to leave England in the ODI format, the public began to actively discuss it. Some express words of support to the player, noting that he did the right thing by focusing on two formats, and someone says that maybe Ben was too hasty with such a difficult decision – Stokes, according to some experts and ordinary people, is still young enough to withstand the load of all three formats.

It is impossible not to note that Ben’s departure, of course, will significantly affect the game of the England national team in all formats because it is evident that Stokes will be able to contribute to the test format and T20. However, it is hardly possible to say that the departure of this player from the ODI format came as a surprise to everyone — Robert Key, in particular, noted that Ben Stokes had warned the national team manager in advance of his intentions to leave one of the formats of the white ball game.

Maybe Ben was too hasty with such a difficult decision

Stokes on leaving the ODI format

Stokes explains his decision to leave the ODI format by the fact that he cannot withstand the load, which increases every year. The professional noted that he made the decision to leave after the first match of the ODI series with India.

“I think there are a lot of reasons for all this. The main thing is a hectic schedule. We are not machines, we all need rest, and the schedule is getting tighter every year. After the first ODI match against India, I realized that I had to make this difficult decision. I talked to one person, and he helped me accept this situation — now I have no doubt that I am doing the right thing,” Ben Stokes said in a conversation with ex-England player Nasser Hussain for Sky.

Recall that the England national team will have to hold two more matches in the ODI format with the South Africa national team. After the end of the ODI series, the British will hold three more games with South Africa in the T20 format, and then, in August, England will play three tests against the South Africa national team.

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