Rubel Hossein died

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Rubel Hossein died

Bangladesh Cricket Board agents mentioned tragic news yesterday. Rubel Hossain died. The prior national team player was only 40 years old.

“The Bangladesh Cricket Board mourns the dearh of old gambler Mohammad Hossain Rubel. This player has made a huge contribution to the history of all the teams for which he managed to play. We express our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the player,” said officials of the Bangladesh Cricket Board.

A relapse occurred in November 2020

It should be recalled that the gambler was diagnosed with brain cancer in March 2019. At some point, Hossain went on the mend, but in November 2020 he relapsed. After a long and very persistent struggle, the disease still prevailed.

Recall that Mohammad Hossain Rubel put on the jersey of his country’s national squad for the first time in January 2009. Then he was only 19.

His wife and son live without the cricketer from Bangladesh.

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