Richard Gleeson hopes to be part of England’s squad for the T20 World Cup

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Richard Gleeson hopes to be part of England's squad for the T20 World Cup

July is the month during which cricket fans got a great opportunity to watch the confrontation between the England and India national clubs in different formations. The battles of the two top teams are of serious importance as part of the preparation process for the T20 World Cup, which will be held in Australia in the fall of 2022.

Both England and India have a fairly deep squad, so there is quite a serious competition in the camp of both national teams.

Richard Gleeson hopes to be part of England’s squad for the T20 World Cup in Australia. The player noted that, in his opinion, he, being an experienced professional, can bring serious benefits to the England national team.

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Richard Gleeson had a strong T20 series with India

“Playing for the national squad is always a great honor. I am disappointed that we did not manage to win the series in the T20 format, but still it is worth paying tribute to the opponent: India showed its best side. I think I managed to perform well, and if I manage to keep such a rhythm of the game, then I will definitely be able to compete for a place in the England national team at the World Cup in Australia,” said the most experienced player.

It should be noted that Richard Gleeson had a strong T20 series with India  — the 34-year-old Englishman, whom many have already written off, created problems for star rivals: both Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, and Rishabh Pant faded against Gleeson.

Gleason suffered a stress fracture of the lower back

However, it should be recalled that Richard, being a fairly old player, is quite dependent on his body and its current state: Gleason received a stress fracture of the lower back in 2020. Then there was talk that Richard should finish his professional sports career, but the English athlete found the strength to continue doing what he loved.

Richard has repeatedly stated that immediately after receiving a serious injury, he made an important decision: Gleeson did everything possible to return to the field as a high-level player.

However, now Richard admits that he periodically feels back pain, which prevents him from giving 100%. The player assured that for the sake of playing in the national team, he is ready to make serious sacrifices.

Gleeson managed to return to a high level

“It’s hard to hide that sometimes it’s not easy for me. I experienced a very serious trauma in 2020, and its consequences can still be seen. But when I go out on the field, emotions and adrenaline cover the aching pain, so I show all my best,” Richard said.

It should be recalled that after an injury to the lower back, Gleason had to undergo a long rehabilitation process. At that time Richard was already a fairly old player. Many experts noted that they were very surprised that Gleason could return to a high level after a complex injury.

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