Negombo Cricket Club

Team Country: Sri Lanka
Team City: Negombo, Sri Lanka
Founded (Year): 2017
Captain: Dilshan Munaweera
Forms of Cricket: First-Class Limited Overs Twenty20
Negombo Cricket Club

Negombo Cricket Club: competitions

Negombo Cricket Club: First-Class Cricket Competitions

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Negombo Cricket Club: Limited Overs Cricket Competitions

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Negombo Cricket Club: Twenty20 Cricket Competitions

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Negombo Cricket Club: Sri Lanka Cricket Team Review

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Negombo Cricket Club

The most popular sport in Sri Lanka is cricket. Professional, semi-professional and amateur teams play at the regional level and everyone from young to old cheers for their favorite athletes. The Negombo Cricket Club is a Sri Lankan cricket team that competes in the most significant regional tournaments. Let’s talk about it in more detail.

Negombo Cricket Club: history and achievements

The Negombo is a first-class team, one of the best in the country. Here are some facts every fan should know about the team:

  • The team’s current captain is Dilshan Munaweera, who also internationally plays for the Sri Lanka team. He is a member of the 2012 ICC World Twenty20 and began his career at Nalanda College Colombo, where he served on the team of his institution from 2006 to 2008.
  • One of the team’s main achievements is qualifying for the quarterfinals of the T20 Domestic Tournament.
  • In the 2019–20 Premier League Tournament, the Negombo Cricket Club played in Group A and failed to advance to Super8, finishing offensively in fifth place. In the Plate League (Tier B elimination tournament), the team finished second and continues to play in Tier A.
  • At the moment, the team has no titles from the three most significant regional tournaments.
Tournament name Number of titles Years in which titles were won
Premier Trophy Tier A (first-class cricket)
Premier Limited Overs Tournament (List A)
Twenty20 competition (Twenty20)

Quite an important and controversial page in the team’s history is the litigation, and not with anyone, but with the Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC), the governing body that organizes all significant cricket tournaments in Sri Lanka.

The lawsuit was the removal of the team from participation in the Premier League Tier B tournament, according to the management of Negombo Cricket Club, unreasonable. The court barred the SLC from holding the tournament until further notice. Alas, the SLC, on the one hand, followed the court’s decision – the 2016-17 Premier Limited Overs Tournament was indeed canceled. On the other hand, another tournament was held instead – the 2016-17 Districts One Day Tournament. The same clubs participated in it as in the Premier Limited Overs Tournament. In addition, according to some reports, it was organized with violations: the permission of the Executive Committee was not obtained, and the registration of players was not carried out properly.

However, the Negombo team did not dispute the holding of the duplicate tournament.

Negombo Cricket Club: history and achievements

The Negombo roster and star players

The following players are currently on the field: Roshen Fernando, Dilshan Munaweera, Madawa Warnapura, Lahiru Milantha, Nishan Peiris, Upul Indrasiri, Pasindu Lakshanka, Roscoe Thattil, Angelo Jayasinghe, Ashen Silva, Nisala Tharaka.

The following players have achieved the best results when playing in the Negombo Cricket Club during the entire existence of the team:

  • Dilshan Munaweera. The team captain is from Colombo. He is the leader in the number of runs earned (357), ranked second in the Highest Scores (74) and Best Bowling (4/35). In the Highest Scores, Dilshan is also ranked fifth (59) and sixth (55). This player also became the sixth in the Best Economy Rate rating (6.45). He is one of the most valuable players on the team at the moment. Dilshan Munaweera is ranked third in Best Strike Rate (143.37) and fourth in Most Wickets (12).
  • Nilanka Sandakan. The distinguished cricketer now plays for the Singhalese Sports Club but still holds two notable positions on the Negombo Hall of Fame. First and foremost, he is the first in the Best Strike Rate (320.00). Secondly, he is the ninth in the Most Wickets (4).
  • Shehan Jayasuriya. This player has now moved to the United States and is no longer taking part in regional tournaments in Sri Lanka. Despite this, he remains the player ranked first and third in the Highest Scores (91 and 71, respectively) and third in the ranking of the players who have earned the most runs with Negombo (219). Shehan is also the seventh Best Strike Rate (134.36).
  • Roshen Fernando. This player is currently part of the team’s roster. He is currently the one with the most wickets (22) and is also ranked fourth in the Best Strike Rate (140.00) and third and sixth in the Best Bowling (3/13 and 3/27). It also ranks seventh in Best Economy Rate (6.93).
  • Angelo Jayasinghe. This player is the first in the Best Economy Rate ranking with a score of 3.00. He is also fourth on the Most Runs list with 214 and ninth on the Highest Scores (43).
  • Roscoe Thattil. He has so far ranked first in Best Bowling (5/23), eighth in Most Runs (86) and seventh in Most Wickets (7).
  • Madawa Warnapura. This player has not yet been able to become the undisputed leader of one of the athletes’ ratings, but, quite possibly, this is only a temporary situation. Madawa is the second in terms of the number of runs earned (242), occupies as many as three positions in the Highest Scores (seventh (55), eighth (44) and tenth (42) places). This versatile player, who seems to be successful at everything he takes, is also third in Best Economy Rate (5.48), fourth in Best Bowling (3/19) and fifth in Most Wickets (11).

The Negombo roster and star players

We are sure that the team, having a good line-up, will firmly gain a foothold in the Premier Trophy Tier A and, over time, will become a worthy contender in the struggle for the highest awards.

Nisha Bhavani
Author: Nisha Bhavani Position: Cricket Expert

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