Aakash Chopra criticized Sanju Samson

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Aakash Chopra criticized Sanju Samson

Sanju Samson is a talented player who is trying to gain a foothold in the main cage of the India national team. Sanju has a lot of personal fans inside India. But, despite the highest talent, he still cannot show his best game on the international stage, although Sanju has received full confidence from the Indian leadership. The day before, Aakash Chopra criticized Sanju Samson.

The expert noted that Sanju does not justify the trust that he was given. Aakash Chopra has no doubt that Sanju can play better in the Indian national team, but according to the specialist, Samson does not want to reveal 100%.

“Sanju is a talented guy who has a lot of fans. And in the domestic arena, Samson is really good enough. But to become a great player, you need to play well at the international level. He is given plenty of opportunities, but Sanju does not use them. I do not know what Samson needs to reveal himself fully,” Aakash Chopra said.

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