Shikhar Dhawan noted Shubman Gill’s progress

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Shikhar Dhawan noted Shubman Gill's progress

The India national club, under the leadership of Rahul Dravid, managed to win a dry ODI series against the West Indies. During a series of confrontations with Phil Simmons’ team, the captain of the India national club was Shikhar Dhawan. One of the leading creators of India’s victory over the West Indies was a young Gujarat Titans player. Shikhar Dhawan noted the progress of Shubman Gill, calling the current IPL champion the future of India.

During the ODI series with the West Indies, Shubman Gill scored 205 runs. This achievement allowed the young player of the India national squad to receive the status of “player of the series”.

Shikhar Dhawan, who was allowed to lead the India national team to matches with the West Indies as captain, noted that Shubman Gill is similar to Rohit Sharma.

“He has a perfect technique — he can become one of the strongest players in India. I notice that there is something of Rohit Sharma in him. Gill had a very cool ODI series with the West Indies and deserved the status of “player of the series”. I am very proud of the whole team, and Gill in particular. We didn’t have many leaders, but we could confidently cope with a strong opponent,” Shikhar Dhawan said.

According to his partners, Shikhar Dhawan excellently proved himself in the role of captain. The players of the India national team stated that Shikhar has good leadership qualities, which Dhawan shows not only on the field but also in the locker room.

But this is hardly a surprise — people close to the India national squad have repeatedly said that Shikhar Dhawan should be given more opportunities to prove himself.

Rahul Dravid, the Indian head, also commented on Dhawan’s success as the official leader of the India national club.

“Dhawan is an experienced player who has authority among the players of the Indian national team. Some of our leading players got a rest, and at this difficult moment for the team, Shikhar coped superbly with the additional responsibility — this is very good,” Rahul Dravid said.

Asian Cup 2022 officially moved from Sri Lanka to the UAE

Even though the India national club announced a fairly young squad for the series with the West Indies, Rahul Dravid’s team looked excellent in contests with Phil Simmons’ squad.

After winning the third series match, a real celebration took place in the locker room of the India national team.

Recall that after the end of the ODI series of the national teams of India and the West Indies, these teams will have to play 5 matches in the T20 format. And the India national squad will play a three-match ODI series with Zimbabwe in mid-August.

Under Rahul Dravid’s leadership, the national team continues to conduct systematic preparations for the upcoming Asian Cup.

Recall that the Asian Cup 2022 has officially been moved from Sri Lanka to the UAE. This decision is because Sri Lanka continues to experience a severe economic crisis.

The ICC experts decided that Sri Lanka could not hold the tournament at a high level in such conditions.

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