ACT Comets

Nickname: Canberra Comets
Ex Nickname: Federal Capital Territory
Team Country: Australia
Team City: Griffith, Canberra
Team Administrator: Cricket ACT
Founded (Year): 1928
Home Ground: Manuka Oval
Coach: Kyle Piper
Captain: Jono Dean
Forms of Cricket: Limited Overs
ACT Comets

ACT Comets: Canberra Comets, Federal Capital Territory

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The ACT Comets are a cricket team from Australia

ACT Comets (also Canberra Comets and Federal Capital Territory) is a professional cricket team that represents the Australian Capital District. In addition, they are the flagship of the Cricket ACT, which carries out management and control functions in the specified area. The team was officially founded in 1928 (the current name was assigned to the local cricket association at that time).

ACT Comets: Domestic One Day Competition

The team’s motto is “Respect. Partnership. Labor ethics. Competitions”. ACT Comets has its own Manuka Oval with a capacity of 15,000 spectators. Interestingly, this particular stadium has been hosting annual matches between the Prime Minister’s XI team and the team of foreign stars since 1954. In addition, landmark matches at the national team level are periodically held here: South Africa – Zimbabwe World Cup took place at Manuka Oval in 1992.

ACT Comets have been active participants in the limited overs format – the Mercantile Mutual Cup for several seasons. Unfortunately, they failed to come close to the records of long-term favorites (Western Australia and New South Wales) and did not win a single trophy. One of the main reasons is the lack of funding and team problems that prevented ACT Comets from entering the four-day Sheffield Shield. Eventually, ex-bowler Merv Hughes and ex-batsman Mike Veletta were recruited to save ACT Comets from failure.

ACT Comets currently play in one of the smaller leagues – the Futures League. During all the years of performances, the team won its first trophy in the 2010-2011 season.

Manuka Oval, home of the ACT Comets

ACT Comets Canberra Comets Federal Capital Territory: players

At various times, such eminent players as Brad Haddin and Nathan Lyon played for the Canberra team (the first, in particular, was played for the Australian national team in competitions in several formats and even served as vice-captain). Throughout the history of ACT Comets Canberra Comets Federal Capital Territory, 25 players have played at least 50 matches for it, four have reached the 100-game mark, and the club’s legend, Peter Solway, has played 150.

Player Country Most Successful Season Individual Statistics
Peter Solway Australia 1989-1990 339
Jono Dean Australia 2012-2013 300
Clarry Hinksman Australia 1926-1927 246
Christopher Brown UK 2008-2009 220
Neil Fairbrother UK 1988-1989 207
John Williams New Zealand 1988-1989 205
Michael Don Australia 2001-2002 200

In addition, many cricketers who started their careers with a team from Canberra have subsequently performed well in the BBL and internationally (vivid examples are Jason Floros, Ryan Carters, Will Sheridan).

The ACT Comets are a cricket team that represent the Australian Capital Territory

ACT Comets Canberra Comets Federal Capital Territory: current composition

The current captain of ACT Comets / Canberra Comets / Federal Capital Territory is local native Jono Dean. Having started his career in Canberra, Dean grew noticeably in professional terms, which soon attracted the attention of BBL managers (in particular, the gifted batsman played for the Adelaide Strikers for four seasons). The current line-up includes:

  1. Tom Engelbrecht;
  2. Jarryd Hatton;
  3. Hayden Kerr;
  4. Jonathan Cook;
  5. Nathan McAndrew;
  6. Tom Pinson;
  7. Lewis Evans.
ACT Comets Canberra Comets Federal Capital Territory: FAQ
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