1xBit Red Envelope

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1xBit Red Envelope

China celebrates the New Year, which will be held under the sign of the Black Rabbit. Houses and streets are decorated with lanterns, people cook traditional dishes and exchange gifts with good luck wishes. Those who prefer to give money put it in special red envelopes with gold embossing, which symbolizes happiness and prosperity. This wonderful tradition was also picked up by the famous online cryptocurrency casino, which launched the 1xBit Red Envelope promotion, which we will tell you about today.

1xBit Red Envelope: starting the Chinese New Year with a victory

The amount that the person puts in a red envelope is usually determined by the recipient’s social status, age, and the relationship that binds the two people. For example, a child can count on relatively little money, while the amount of a gift to a subordinate can be several hundred euros (equivalent). As for the 1xBit Red Envelope tournament, here you can independently determine the size of your gift because the organizers have reserved ten prize places!

How to do it?

Let’s start with the most basic: authorization. If you have your own 1xBit account, just log in to it and then check whether there are enough funds on the main account. If not, go through registration, and do not forget to use a special promo code to receive a welcome bonus within 7 BTC.

Next, go to the bonus section of the official website of the online casino and find a link to the event page. After waiting for the download, click on the “Take part” button, then proceed to the selection of qualifying games.

Several varieties of classic blackjack and poker participate in the 1xBit Red Envelope tournament. Especially for the convenience of users, working links are posted on the offer page, which will lead you to the appropriate subsections. So, for example, you can choose to bet in “Rumba Blackjack”, “Bulgarian Blackjack” or “Galactic Blackjack”, or you can start with poker and stop at “Royal Poker” or “Three-Card Poker”. The minimum bet amount, in this case, is 0.1 mBTC, which is equal to one tournament point.

Attention: all games from TVBet are excluded from the qualification list. Bets placed on them will not bring points to the tournament participants.

That’s all, actually. The main task of the participant is to score at least two thousand tournament points by betting on the proposed games, while the outcome of each individual session does not matter. If you lose, the accumulated points will remain with you; if you win, in addition to the money, you will get a chance to advance in the standings ahead of your competitors. Recall that a total of ten prizes are provided in the leaderboard of the 1xBit Red Envelope tournament:

Final place Prize money amount, mBTC
1 50
2 35
3 30
4 20
5 15
6 10
From 7th to 10th 5

Finally, here are some valuable tips. Firstly, try not to miss the game days and place bets more or less regularly because the number of prizes is limited, which means that a more active competitor can bypass you in the leaderboard at the very last moment. By the way, in case two participants scored the same number of points, there is a strict rule: the one who did it first gets the advantage.

Secondly, the prizes are planned to be credited to the main accounts of the winners within three days from the end of the 1xBit Red Envelope tournament. If the message about the arrival of funds is late, do not rush to contact the support service – everything will be done in the promised time. By the way, the prize money does not require wagering, which means that you can spend it as you see fit. Withdraw or leave it on the account – it’s up to you, but for those who are confident in their own luck, we remind you that you can receive messages about new tournaments from 1xBit by subscribing to the newsletter in the bonus section.

1xBit Red Envelope: Frequently Asked Questions
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