1xBit Advancebet

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1xBit Advancebet

The more bets the client has placed, the more additional opportunities are guaranteed to him – this is the principle that the flagships of modern online betting try to adhere to. Some offer flexible and profitable loyalty programs, others are limited to point rewards, and some companies include both in their bonus lines. Today we will tell you why do you need a 1xBit Advancebet, what are its features and what needs to be done to get the maximum benefit.

1xBit Advancebet: make a bet with the maximum benefit

When choosing options for sports betting, bettors pay attention to several basic factors, starting with the discipline (football, tennis, cricket) and ending with the outcome options. Of particular importance are the odds, which ultimately determine the amount of potential winnings, and here the player faces the question: which of the two modes, Line or Live, should he give preference to?

Each of the branches has its advantages and disadvantages. So, choosing a match in the Line lists, you can carefully study the available odds and issue a bet slip without fear of being late for the start of the match. Live, on the contrary, does not tolerate delay, it is necessary to act quickly here, but the chance to catch “delicious” odds is much higher. It is not surprising that beginners who try to make a bet in this section on the go often get lost and miss the most profitable options, not to mention additional opportunities, including 1xBit Advancebet.

Attention: only registered customers can place bets in 1xBit. If you plan to create your own account, we recommend paying attention to the “Promo Code” field: by entering 1xbit promo code ISPORT, you can get up to 7 BTC to the bonus account!

Meanwhile, it is this hidden reward that can help not only partially compensate for the funds spent on betting, but also make at least one more bet without making a deposit.

Why is this so important?

The fact is that the Live odds are updated quickly, so sometimes you may find that you have already used up your bank and there is no time left to replenish your account. It is in such situations that the 1xBit Advancebet comes to the rescue, the amount of which is determined by the bookmaker based on an estimate of the probability of winning of the previous bets that have not yet been calculated. To activate this option, you need to meet several basic requirements:

  1. Make multiple bets;
  2. Select a suitable event that should take place no later than 48 hours after submitting the request;
  3. Click on the “Available advance” in the electronic form of the bet slip;
  4. Place a bet on the proposed amount.

Attention: The 1xBit Advancebet can be placed only with the consent of the bookmaker, who in turn reserves the right to refuse to provide an advance without explaining the reasons. The advantage is given to those clients who have registered an advancebet at least once.

As it is easy to notice, the 1xBit Advancebet can be offered to a bettor only if he has several uncalculated bets. It is from the funds spent on them (as well as possible winnings) that the amount of the advance is covered. At the same time, making additional deposits before the settlement of all bets, including the advancebet, is expressly prohibited by the rules of the promotion.

Let’s analyze a simple example.

Let’s say, before requesting an advance, you made two bets: the first for the amount of 150 mBTC at odds of 2.00 (potential return of 300 mBTC), the second for 100 mBTC at odds of 2.50 (potential return of 250 mBTC). If there were 270 mBTC on your account before, then, accordingly, the balance will be 20 mBTC.

Looking into the “Available advance”, you saw that the bookmaker offers to make a bet in the amount of 200 mBTC. Having issued a single bet for 180 mBTC at odds of 3.00 (minus personal money, that is, 20 mBTC), you get a chance to win 540 mBTC.

Then there are three possible options:

  • The first one. Bets on their own funds lost, the advance won. The winnings together with the advance are canceled, the personal contribution (20 mBTC) is credited to the account;
  • The second one. Bets on personal funds won, advance lost. The payment is made in full, minus the advance spent (300 + 250 – 160 = 390 mBTC);
  • The third one. All bets lost. The advance bet is canceled, the personal money spent (20 mBTC) is debited from the account.

In fact, the advancebet is a great way not only to replenish your bank, but also to improve your betting skills in Live, the most demanding of the sports sections. However, this is not the only such offer from 1xBit: we will tell you about one of them, namely 100% bet insurance, in the next review.

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