Zaka Ashraf spoke about provocations by India in 2012

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Pakistan and India are among the strongest cricket teams, and all the matches between these countries are very tight and equal. The last time Pakistanis and Indians played a two-format series almost 10 years ago – then Pakistan won 3-2.

The former president of the Pakistan Cricket Board, Zaka Ashraf spoke about provocations by India in 2012. The functionary said that the Indian side had repeatedly tried to blacken the reputation of the players of the Pakistan national team.

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India and Pakistan met in a face-to-face match in October 2021

“India has always tried to trap us and tarnish the image of our players and our national team as a whole. I had to make a rather controversial and unexpected decision. I recommended the wives of the players of our national team go to India. The spouses, in my opinion, were watching their husbands — there was simply nothing to blame them for. I note that everyone took this decision normally,” Ashraf said.

Recall that the last time India and Pakistan met in a face-to-face duel was in October 2021.

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