Wild West at Casino X

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Wild West at Casino X

There are four cardinal directions, but we usually hear a division into east and west in different news. So the popular online casino decided to use the popular name Wild West at Casino X. This name of the weekly tournament acts as a reference to cowboys in the Wild West — a pre-existing area in several US states. However, there is a place not only for cowboys in the exciting Casino X tournament. There’re a lot of fights and shots.

Wild West at Casino X: general information

The Wild West at Casino X tournament takes place every Tuesday in four rounds, which helps players relax before the next virtual fight:

  • Round №1. 9:00 — 11:30 ( GMT 0).
  • Round №2. 12:00 — 14:30.
  • Round №3. 15:00 — 17:30.
  • Round №4. 18:00 — 20:30.

The guaranteed prize pool of the draw is 300 EUR. This is the standard size of guarantees for tournaments held during the day at Casino X. There are seven such tournaments. They are held every day except Monday. On Sunday, two events are played at once. The list of draws can be found by finding the “Tournaments” tab in the main menu. There is also up-to-date information about the sweepstakes taking place during the week. Each player can choose events in which he feels more confident. For example, if you play every day, you will have a good chance of success in long races.

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You can become a participant of the Wild West at Casino X tournament automatically. You need to choose one of the games and make a minimum bet of 0.5 EUR (or the equivalent in another currency). Players score points for productive spins. The higher the win value, the more points you put in your piggy bank.

Number of points Win value
0 points from х0 to х1
1 point from х1 to х2
5 points from х2 to х3
10 points from х3 to х5
25 points from х5 to х10
75 points from х10 to х25
125 points from х25 to х50
250 points from х50 to х100
500 points from х100 and more

You can score additional points (maximum 50) fora series of victories   according to the following scheme:

Number of points Number of wins
1 point 1 win
2 points 2 wins in a row
5 points 3 wins in a row
10 points 4 wins in a row
25 points 5 wins in a row
50 points 6 or more wins in a row

The points are summed up and automatically entered into the online table. You can use the “Booster” function to score more points than competitors for participating in the same game. Two conditions must match:

  1. Your bet was higher than the minimum.
  2. The higher-level players were not active for more than five minutes.

The status of the player’s activity can be found thanks to the color of the icon near the avatar.

Wild West at Casino X: how the results are summed up

If the points are equal in the final table (it is published after 20:30 GMT 0), the player who received a certain amount earlier will be higher. You will not be able to use the points earned in the Wild West at Casino X in other draws.

According to the results of the Wild West at Casino X tournament, the top five players receive prize payments. Participants who took places from the 6th to the 50th receive free spins.

Place in the table Percentage of the prize pool/Number of free spins
1 45%
2 22%
3 16%
4 11%
5 6%
6-10 50 free spins
11-25 30 free spins
26-50 20 free spins

To transfer the rewards to a real account, you need to win them back with the x3 wager. Usually, prizes are awarded shortly after the end of the tournament. Sometimes the organizers of the Wild West at Casino X give out prizes within a few days, but it should be no later than seven days according to the rules. Come to Casino X every Tuesday and enjoy exciting fights!

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