Space Fight Tournament at Casino X

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Space Fight Tournament at Casino X

Did you admire Yuri Gagarin, Alan Shepard or John Glenn as a child? Or maybe you like conspiracy theories and believe that in 700 years our planet will be invaded by aliens? Everything sounds great. Space Fight Tournament at Casino X has been created for people with a rich imagination. The sweepstakes take place every Friday. The minimum prize fund is 300 EUR.

Space Fight Tournament at Casino X: general information

Casino X has both one-day and weekly tournaments. Someone likes to play for one day and then go only to the game sections according to their mood. Some casino customers are so emboldened that they are ready to spend every day at the computer. Space Fight Tournament at Casino X is an opportunity to arrange a weekend for yourself on Friday. Participants compete for a piece of the money pie or free spins on this day every week.

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Casino X distributes the game day into four rounds for the convenience of customers:

  • Round №1. 9:00 — 11:30 (GMT 0).
  • Round №2. 12:00 — 14:30.
  • Round №3. 15:00 — 17:30.
  • Round №4. 18:00 — 20:30.

Bettors can choose any game from the suggested list of Space Fight Tournament at Casino X (usually there are about 150 of them). To find the appropriate section, click on the menu button on the main page of the web resource in the upper right corner. Then click on “Tournaments” and find the Space Fight Tournament at Casino X. You can view information about the completed draw on the tournament page. For example, at the time of publication of this material, the winner of the last drawing earned more than 200 EUR.

Whichever game you choose, the minimum bet in each will be 0.5 EUR. The best players in the Space Fight Tournament at Casino X are determined by the number of points at the time of its completion. Points are entered into the general table before 20:30 (GMT 0), which is updated online. Points can be scored in two ways. The first one is for the number of wins in a row:

Number of points Number of wins
1 point 1 win
2 points 2 win in a row
5 points 3 win in a row
10 points 4 win in a row
25 points 5 win in a row
50 points 6 and more wins in a row

The second method earns more points because the “maximum win rate” is taken into account:

Number of points Win value
0 points from х0 to х1
1 point from х1 to х2
5 points from х2 to х3
10 points from х3 to х5
25 points from х5 to х10
75 points from х10 to х25
125 points from х25 to х50
250 points from х50 to х100
500 points from х100 and more

Note that the points you earn in the Space Fight Tournament at Casino X cannot be used in other tournaments. The draw organizers allow players who take risks to score more points. Participants can use the “Booster” function, which is activated under two conditions:

  1. You place bets above the minimum.
  2. In the standings, the higher players do not show activity for more than five minutes.

The fact that your competitors do not enter the tournament for a while, you can understand thanks to the circle near their avatar. Note that if the points are equal, the advantage is given to the player who scored a certain amount earlier.

Space Fight Tournament at Casino X: how the results are summed up

As in many daily tournaments of this online casino, rewards are given to the top 50 participants based on the results of each Space Fight Tournament at Casino X tournament. Note that only the top five can qualify for real money:

Place in the table Percentage of the prize pool/Number of free spins
1 45%
2 22%
3 16%
4 11%
5 6%
6-10 50 free spins
11-25 30 free spins
26-50 20 free spins

You need to win them back with the wager x3 to become the owners of prizes. Do not worry if the reward will not be credited to your account immediately. The Space Fight Tournament at Casino X organizers have the right to award prizes within seven days after the end of the tournament. Well, as Yuri Gagarin said: let’s go?

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