Top Bins in 1xBet

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Top Bins in 1xBet

How often do you face a situation when a single event did not win in the big accumulator bet? 1xBet bookmaker understands all the pain of its clients at such moments and, to minimize losses, launched the promotion Top Bins. What is the point? If 9 out of 10 events win in the bet slip, the company will provide a bonus in the form of 9% of the winning events in the accumulator bet!

Top Bins in 1xBet: how the bonus is calculated

What is the essence of the Top Bins in 1xBet bonus offer, and why is the promotion sure to appeal to fans of accumulator bets? To answer this question, it is enough to imagine a classic situation: the user adds a lot of events to the bet slip, combining them into an extensive accumulator bet. Bets win one after another, but a mistake is allowed in a single bet. What is fraught with such a development of events? The loss of the entire bet slip.

The offer Top Bins in 1xBet allows you to save part of the funds. According to the conditions, if 9 bets out of 10 win, the bookmaker will pay a bonus in the form of 9% of the winning bets. To understand the conditions, we suggest studying an example of calculation.

So, let’s imagine that a company client adds 9 bets with odds of 1.7 to the bet slip, which win, and one bet with a coefficient of 1.8 loses. The forecast amount is $10. First, we consider the odds of winning events:

1.7 x 1.7 x 1.7 x 1.7 x 1.7 x 1.7 x 1.7 x 1.7 = 118.58

Next, we calculate how much the player could get from 9 winning events if there was no 10th losing bet in the bet slip:

118.58 x $10 = $1,185

Unfortunately, getting this amount will not be possible, but $10 will not go away forever. Thanks to the promo Top Bins in 1xBet, the bettor can receive 9% of the above potential winnings. Again we resort to elementary mathematics:

$1,185 x 9% = $106

Of course, this amount is significantly less than the potential gain, but a small profit is better than a loss!

Top Bins in 1xBet: how to participate in the promo

So, having found out that the offer Top Bins in 1xBet is an excellent way out of an awful situation, it’s worth learning how to activate this function. We propose the following action plan:

  1. We put the game account in order. Users who do not comply with the basic rules of the company cannot count on any bonuses. Given this, it is extremely important to have no more than one account on the site (if an account is not created, 1xBet promo code will help you get a bonus after registration), fill in all personal data in the profile, verify contacts and consent to receive bonuses.
  2. Make a bet. Only accumulator bets combining 10 events take part in the promotion. In addition, each event in the bet slip must have odds of at least 1.6. Do not forget that the promo applies to forecasts made for real money (bonuses, free bets, etc., are not taken into account).

What should I do if one event did not win and the forecast fully met the promotion conditions? The bonus amount will be automatically credited to the account within 24 hours after calculating the last event in the bet slip. Detailed terms of use of the credited reward can be found in your personal account.

It is worth recalling that the promo Top Bins is available both on the company’s official website and in the 1xBet app, available for installation on Android, iOS, and PC.

Duration of the promotion: permanently.

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