1xBit Star Jackpot

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1xBit Star Jackpot

Is it possible to hit the jackpot if you don’t like standard lotteries, and you visit the virtual gaming hall only occasionally? Our answer is yes, because there is at least one bright bonus in the 1xBit line, designed specifically for beginners and experienced bettors who spend most of their time in sports sections. In today’s article, we will tell you what you need to do to compete for the 1xBit Star Jackpot and how to avoid the most common mistakes.

1xBit Star Jackpot: from the qualifying bet to the main prize

Let’s start with the main thing: the 1xBit Star Jackpot is played daily, which means you can take part in the event at any time. Even if you are unlucky today, you do not lose anything, because the promotion rules do not provide for any pre-payment, qualification selection, or penalty points. On the contrary, the organizers have done everything possible to simplify the participants an already simple task, which consists of three steps:

  1. You won’t be able to compete for the jackpot in anonymous mode – you need your account. It’s best to start with its registration, paying special attention to filling out the questionnaire in your account;
  2. Confirmation of consent to participate in bonus events from 1xBit. By ticking the appropriate box (“Settings”), you will be able to join the jackpot race and any incentive program to your taste;
  3. Completing the daily task, which can be found in the bonus section (“Jackpot”).

Attention: before trying your luck in the fight for the 1xBit Star Jackpot, we recommend paying attention to another bonus – the starting one. It is enough to use the ISPORT promo code at the registration stage and then make a contribution for the minimum amount specified in the rules to get up to 7 BTC.  

The task of the day is published daily at midnight immediately after summing up the results of the previous draw. It takes twenty–four hours to complete it – quite enough to familiarize yourself with the rules and place several bets.

Why several?

According to the rules, one stake is enough to fight for the 1xBit Star Jackpot, but the more coupons you issue, the higher the chance of winning. The number of stakes is not regulated. The drawing of the main prize is carried out using random mechanisms, which means that all participants are in obviously equal conditions.

Let’s analyze an example.

Let’s say today’s discipline is football, the league is the English Championship. Players are invited to gamble on the Birmingham City vs Coventry City match by choosing one of three possible outcomes:

  • H (victory of the first team);
  • A (victory of the second team);
  • D (draw).

The minimum rate sum is 0.11 mBT. However, if you wish, you may well spend more – this is not prohibited by the rules. Each of the coupons you have issued will be assigned a unique number, which in turn will appear in a separate table on the event page along with an indication of the time of betting. In addition, here you can also find a timer counting down the time remaining until the end of the game day.

Attention: in addition to the timer, the list of current coupons and the top 3 winners who hit the jackpot, you can also find a link to the results of previous draws on the event page.

Summing up, it can be noted that the 1xBit Star Jackpot is among the promo offers that have almost no disadvantages. Yes, you may not be among the winners, but, firstly, no one forbids you to try again. Secondly, even if the jackpot went to another, and your bet won, you will receive your legitimate winnings without any additional deductions in favor of the site.

1xBit Star Jackpot: FAQ
How often is the 1xBit Star Jackpot played?
1xBit Star Jackpot: Do betting systems participate in the promotion?
How to increase your chances of a 1xBit Star Jackpot?
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How often is the 1xBit Star Jackpot played?
The promotion is among the permanent ones and is held daily.
1xBit Star Jackpot: Do betting systems participate in the promotion?
No, systems and chains are excluded from the jackpot drawing procedure.
How to increase your chances of a 1xBit Star Jackpot?
The most reliable way is to place as many stakes as possible that meet the conditions of a particular game day and wait for the draw to end.