Big Deposit Bonuses in Bollywood

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Big Deposit Bonuses in Bollywood

Are you ready to stop being petty and start a really big and serious game? Believe me, as soon as you thoroughly approach the issue, Big Deposit Bonuses in Bollywood will instantly be credited to the gaming account. Are you in doubt? In this case, we recommend you study this promotion’s rules.

Big Deposit Bonuses in Bollywood: the amount of the reward

Deposit bonuses are an absolute classic of the genre in the gambling industry. Users meet with similar presents immediately after creating a game account. For example, when registering, the Bollywood casino promo code isport gives cash bonuses and free spins for five transactions at once!

What can be surprising about the Big Deposit Bonuses in Bollywood? According to the promotion terms, the reward will not be tied to dates or limited by the number of activations. You can receive a gift at any time, and its size will directly depend on the amount transferred to the game account:

  • deposit from 550 INR to 799 INR – 250 INR bonus;
  • deposit from 1,100 INR to 2,499 INR – 650 INR bonus;
  • deposit from 2,500 INR to 5,000 INR – 1,000 INR bonus;
  • deposit over 5,000 INR – 1,500 INR bonus.

Thus, Big Deposit Bonuses in Bollywood are not issued as a percentage of the deposit amount, as is usually the case in promotions of this type, but as a fixed amount.

Big Deposit Bonuses in Bollywood: how to collect

To get Big Deposit Bonuses in Bollywood, it is enough for users to perform several banal actions, most of which cover the basic rules of an online casino:

  1. Have a gaming account on the site. If Bollywood registration was completed earlier, then this point can be skipped (you can have no more than one account in an online casino).
  2. Fill in the game profile. Check whether personal data is specified in the personal account and whether the email and phone number are verified.
  3. Make a deposit. To activate the reward, you must transfer at least 550 INR to the game account in a one-time payment. Do not forget that the bonus amount depends on the deposit amount.

The reward will be transferred to the balance 15 minutes after the transaction.

How often can I get Big Deposit Bonuses in Bollywood? The promotion is permanent, and it can be activated within 12 hours after making the last large deposit.

By the way, if you like rewards for replenishing your gaming account, we recommend downloading the Bollywood App on Android. A special offer is available for mobile users – every Thursday, the online casino allows you to get a 55% deposit bonus.

Duration of the promotion: permanently.

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