Safe in Betwinner

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Safe in Betwinner

Are you ready for the robbery of the century, during which you can get fantastic bonuses and valuable prizes in the form of devices from Apple and gadgets from other famous brands? In this case, we recommend that you study in detail the rules of the bonus game Safe in Betwinner, within which you can make all your dreams come true! We share the details.

Safe in Betwinner: bonus game details

Betwinner bookmaker is not only a storehouse of entertainment, during which you can win real money, but also a benchmark of loyalty. You can get money or valuable prizes on the site for literally any action: creating an account, making a deposit, being active, participating in promotions, tournaments and sweepstakes – we have told you about all this more than once on our website.

Today we will talk about the bonus game Safe in Betwinner, taking part in which you can win bonus points or valuable prizes. The first category includes points that can be exchanged for promo codes for the Promo Store, the second category includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart watches, and other devices from Apple and other well-known brands.

What is the essence of the bonus game Safe in Betwinner? When you enter the game, there will be 9 safes on the screen. Depending on the number of purchased attempts, the user can open from 1 to 9 repositories. What is inside? Some units may be empty, while others contain bonus points or coveted valuable prizes.

Safe in Betwinner: how to participate and win

And now closer to the topic: how to win a new iPhone or other valuable prizes by clicking on the desired safe once? The action plan looks like this:

  1. Log in on the site. If you don’t have an account yet, the article Betwinner Promo Code will help you not only open a gaming account, but also get an increased welcome bonus in the process.
  2. Open the game Safe in Betwinner. To proceed to the bonus game, you will need to follow the following path: Promo – Bonus Games – Safe.
  3. We purchase entrances to the game. You can buy entrances to the game both for real money and for bonus currency (in the second case, you need to make a purchase in the Promo Store by exchanging bonus points for the necessary promo code).
  4. Open the safes. To perform this action, you do not need to select any secret combinations, just click on the desired safe.

Remember, we promised a winning strategy? To increase the chances of success, we recommend purchasing several entrances at once to be able to open as many safes as possible in one game. Thus, the probability of winning will increase significantly.

How do I get the prizes I won? If there were bonus points in the safe, they will be transferred to the account automatically, no additional actions will be required for this. If you won the gadget, take a screenshot and contact support. Do not forget to specify the winning time and the account number in the message.

Attention! To get guaranteed prizes in the game Safe in Betwinner, first put your account in order. The company’s rules specify that each client must fill in all the lines in the “Profile” section of the personal account, activate contacts, and also consent to receive bonuses.

Duration of the promotion: permanently.

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