Advancebet in Megapari

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Advancebet in Megapari

Do you like to make money on sports betting? Then take part in a permanent promotion called Advancebet in Megapari. Each registered user of the betting company can receive additional funds to his account (if there are uncalculated bets). Find out the bonus amount in the Bet Slip section. Where you can spend the bonus – read in this article.

Advancebet in Megapari: bookmaker’s offer

Thousands of bets on various sporting events are registered on the Megapari website every day. Of course, the bookmaker’s organizers appreciate and respect all gambling fans. In order to keep their interest in betting at a high level, the administration of a gambling company often conducts various bonus offers. One of the most popular promotions is called Advancebet in Megapari. Let’s briefly analyze what the essence of this offer is.

Did you know that if there are uncalculated events on your account (the outcome of which is still unknown), then you are entitled to receive an additional cash bonus? The advance is credited due to participation in the promotion Advancebet in Megapari. To find out how much you can count on, you need to go to the personal tab Bet Slip.

Advancebet in Megapari: rules

Here is a simple example. Let’s say you have 260 USD on your gaming account. You decided to bet 250 USD on 2 outcomes: 100 USD for a match with a coefficient of 1.5 (if you win, you get 150 USD) and 150 USD for a match with a coefficient of 2 (if you win, you get 300 USD). While the results of the events are unknown to you, you have 10 USD in the balance. Go to the bet slip and see that the administration offers you advancebet for 100 USD. Thus, you are allowed to register a bet for another 110 USD.

Note that bonus funds can only be used for events in the Live section or for events that will start within 48 hours.

You have decided on the predictions and put part of the funds for 2 more games: 30 USD (10 real and 20 promotional) for a meeting at a coefficient of 1.5 and 50 USD (promotional) for a match with a coefficient of 2. What are the winning options? In fact, there may be 3 options:

  • 1st version. The last 2 outcomes of the promotion Advancebet in Megapari won (the expected payouts are 45 USD and 100 USD, respectively). However, the main bets have lost. In this case, you will not receive a bonus win. Only 10 USD that you added to the 1st promotional bet are returned to your account;
  • 2nd version. The promotional bets were lost, but the bets for your own funds turned out to be winning ones. The payout at the main bets is 450 USD. Since 70 USD was spent on bonus predictions, this amount is simply deducted from your real winnings. As a result, 380 USD is credited to the account;
  • 3rd version. All 4 events lost. In this case, all funds delivered will be canceled. The client receives nothing.

By the way, the user can take part in this promotion, even if bonus bets have already been made on your account. That is, the offer is valid on an ongoing basis. If you are interested in all the additional bonuses on the Megapari website, then we recommend reading the article about the Megapari Promo Code. Good luck and we wish you only winning bets!

Advancebet in Megapari: FAQ
What is the maximum bonus you can get in the promotion Advancebet in Megapari?
Who can claim the bonus?
Where can I find out the final amount in the promotion Advancebet in Megapari?
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What is the maximum bonus you can get in the promotion Advancebet in Megapari?
There are no restrictions on the amounts. It all depends on your wagered funds.
Who can claim the bonus?
All customers of the gaming company are allowed to participate in the promotion Advancebet in Megapari.
Where can I find out the final amount in the promotion Advancebet in Megapari?
Available bonus funds are displayed on the Bet Slip tab.