Booi casino Grand Tour

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Booi casino Grand Tour

Do you want to go on an exciting prize journey where you can hit a great jackpot besides the main prize without spending a cent on an entrance ticket? Then pay attention to the March-April Booi casino Grand Tour tournament, which promises to be a real hit of the season, because here the participants will have to compete for part of the incredible prize pool of 100,000 EUR!

Booi casino Grand Tour: breaking into the prize race

How to participate in the “Egg Hunt”, join the “Gold Seeker” or share good luck with the “Lucky Lady”? The answer is simple – of course, apply for Booi casino Grand Tour! It is not difficult to do this:

  1. Open an online casino website;
  2. Pass the standard authorization;
  3. Top up the account with the desired amount;
  4. Make the first qualifying bet.

Attention: if you do not have your own account, start with its registration. We have described in detail how to do this in the corresponding article, and we will only remind you that the unique bonus code used at this stage will allow beginners to receive several pleasant gifts at once.

Booi casino Grand Tour was developed jointly with the well-known gaming software provider Spinomenal, which in turn provided several dozen slots for the tournament. It probably doesn’t make sense to list them all, but we will nevertheless offer you those slot machines that are very popular with gamblers and regularly get into the top lists:

  • “Book of Baba Yaga”;
  • “Beer collection. 10 lines”;
  • “Blue Panther”;
  • “Book of Demi Gods II”;
  • “Egyptian Sands”;
  • “Book of Sirens”;
  • “Mardi Gras Wild Party”;
  • “Book of Rebirth”;
  • “Story of the samurai. The Last Ronin”;
  • “Lucky Jack. Lost Jungle.”

Booi casino Grand Tour organizers have not provided any restrictions on the selection of qualifying slots. So, if you wish, you can try out several varieties of a particular slot (for example, “Wolf Fang” is presented in eight versions), choose a slot machine blindly, or consistently try your luck at all of them. The minimum amount of the qualifying bet is 20 euro cents. However, exceptions are possible (for example, if a higher value is specified in the settings of a particular slot).

The tournament will be held in eight stages, each of which is assigned an original name:

  • From March 1 to March 8 – “Lucky Lady”;
  • From 9 to March 15 – “Beer Race”;
  • From March 16 to 22 – “Patrick’s Lucky Week”;
  • From March 23 to March 29 – “Blooming Luck”;
  • From March 30 to April 5 – “Egg Hunt”;
  • From 6 to April 12 – “Fields of Wins”;
  • From April 13 to 19 – “Gold Seeker”;
  • From April 20 to April 26 – “The Final Showdown”.

Within the first six stages, 10,000 euros will be raffled off. At the seventh stage, the total prize money will increase to 15,000 euros, and at the last stage, players will be invited to fight for 25,000 euros. In addition, depending on the specific stage, the number of winners will also change:

Stages No. 1-6 Stage No. 7 Stage No. 8
The place occupied by the participant Prize money, EUR The place occupied by the participant Prize money, EUR The place occupied by the participant Prize money, EUR
1 1,6 thousand 1 2 thousand 1 2,5 thousand
2 1,4 thousand 2 1,8 thousand 2 2,3 thousand
3 1,2 thousand 3 1,6 thousand 3 2 thousand
4 A thousand 4 1,4 thousand 4 1,8 thousand
5 800 5 1,2 thousand 5 1,6 thousand
6 500 6 900 6 1,2 thousand
7 400 7 800 7 1,1 thousand
8 300 8 600 8 A thousand
9 200 9 400 9 800
10 100 10 200 10 600
From the 11th to the 20th 70 From the 11th to the 20th 110 From the 11th to the 20th 300
From the 21st to the 30th 55 From the 21st to the 30th 80 From the 21st to the 30th 200
From the 31st to the 40th 40 From the 31st to the 40th 60 From the 31st to the 40th 120
From 41st to 60th 30 From 41st to 60th 40 From 41st to 60th 90
From 61st to 70th 25 From 61st to 70th 30 From 61st to 80th 80
From 71st to 90th 25 From 81st to 90th 50

The mechanics of the tournament are very simple: for each winning spin, the player will receive bonus points (PB) according to the formula:

Final multiplier / bet amount

So, for example, if you bet 5 EUR and won 500, then you will be awarded 100 points. The more PB you manage to accumulate within a single stage, the further you can advance in the leaderboard. At the same time, it is essential to remember that if two or more players score the same number of PB, the advantage will be given to the one who managed to do it first.

The structure of the Booi casino Grand Tour tournament is organized in such a way that, if desired, the participant can limit himself to just one or two stages. However, we recommend that you do not leave the race ahead of time, and that’s why: ten percent of the PB earned at each of the stages in which you took part will be automatically transferred to the “The Final Showdown”, where it is planned to play more significant prize money.

But that’s not all!

To accumulate more points and get ahead of the competition, you can join additional activities scheduled for:

  • March 7, round “Lucky Lady”.
  • The period from March 16 to March 18, the “Patrick’s Lucky Week” round, where you can get a thousand points for free;
  • The period from March 30 to April 1, the “Egg Hunt” round, where three times more PB is awarded for the winning multiplier;
  • The period from April 13 to April 15, the “Gold Seeker” round, where the participant can claim plus three thousand points in the piggy bank;
  • The period from April 20 to April 26, the “The Final Showdown” round, where you can get twice as much PB for the winning multiplier.

Finally, we will clarify that all prize funds automatically go to the main accounts of the winners and do not require wagering.

Good luck!

Booi casino Grand Tour: Frequently Asked Questions
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