Pin-Up Weekly free bet

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Pin-Up Weekly free bet

If you like to receive gifts, then the promotional offer from Pin-Up Weekly free bet is definitely created for you. Answer thematic questions in the company’s Telegram channel and participate in a $10 free bet draws. We will tell you more about the promotion terms in our article.

Pin-Up Weekly free bet: terms of the promotion

Every week, Pin-Up bookmaker clients can take part in a free bet draw in the amount of $10 (or 2000 INR). It is important to explain here what a free bet is.

A free bet is a bonus that is provided as a reward to active players of the gambling and entertainment platform. It is a free bet that uses virtual currency. The advantage of the free bet is that the user, using it, does not risk his own funds. If the stake turns out to be a losing one, then not a penny will be withdrawn from the player’s main account. If the forecast passes, then the winnings will be credited to the bettor’s balance, from which the amount of the used free bet will be deducted.

To get a Pin-Up Weekly free bet, it is necessary to fulfill absolutely simple conditions that do not require time and mental stress. Just follow our instructions, and perhaps you will become the lucky one who will get a chance to pick up your free bet on a sports match.

Detailed instructions on how to get a Pin-Up Weekly free bet:

  1. First of all, you must be a current client of the Pin-Up bookmaker. Therefore, if you still do not have a gaming account on an online platform, you should start one. Go to the official Pin-Up website, find the “Sign Up” button on the main page, and register. By the way, if you want to receive a welcome reward from the company, which is a 150% bonus up to 25000 INR, then do not forget to specify our PinUp promo code – ISPORTIN in a special line.
  2. As soon as you become a full-fledged client of a betting company, you will need to subscribe to a Telegram channel called PIN-UP | BET. Its distinctive feature is a nearby Indian flag. You can also go directly to the promotional offer page, where the current link to the channel is posted.
  3. On the Pin-Up channel, you need to find a post with a draw. Usually, it can be noticed by a bright promo picture, on which it will be written in large letters “WIN A 2000 INR FREE BET”.
  4. The tasks in the post are always identical to each other. The company invites users to answer the question in the comments. For example, to determine who will be the best player of the match in the upcoming cricket game. The answer should be left below, at the same time writing your game ID. You can view it in your personal account on the Pin-Up bookmaker’s website. The post always indicates the time and date before which user responses are accepted. At the same time, it is worth following a few simple but strict rules: you must be a subscriber of the channel, correctly indicate your ID and leave only one comment. The post about the draw itself is usually active for 168 hours (this is 7 days) from the moment it is posted on the channel.
  5. The winners of the contest are selected through a randomizer. The names of the winners will be published on the same channel.

The Pin-Up Weekly free bet draws themselves are held every week, but the exact date or day of the week of the start of the contest is not announced in advance. Therefore, to avoid missing the beginning of the promotion, you should constantly monitor the Telegram channel updates.

Pin-Up Weekly free bet: terms of the promotion

Pin-Up Weekly free bet: how to use

Now it is worth considering the case when you became the owner of the coveted free bet. It is credited to the player’s bonus account instantly. You can use Pin-Up Weekly free bet for any sports event with any coefficient, which will be presented in the Live or Line sections.

The free bet itself is active for 7 days from the moment it is credited to the account. Further, if you do not use it at the appointed time, it will be canceled.

We offer to consider an illustrative example of how the free bet rate is calculated. If the forecast you have made has lost, you, accordingly, do not get anything, and at the same time – you do not lose anything.

If the bet turned out to be a winning one, then the winnings themselves will be credited immediately to your main account:

For example: let’s assume that you decided to make a forecast for an event with a coefficient of 2.75. In total, the winning amount will be $27.5 (a free bet of $10 x 2.75 event coefficient). But $17.5 will be credited to your balance since the amount of the used free bet is deducted from the winning amount.

It is important to note that the entire amount of the free bet should be spent once, that is, without dividing into smaller amounts. It is also worth mentioning that the amount of net winnings should not exceed the amount of the free bet by 100 times.

Pin-Up Weekly free bet: how to use

Pin-Up Weekly free bet: important rules

Finally, it is worth fixing the essential conditions of the Pin-Up Weekly free bet promotional offer, which cannot be neglected:

  • Only current clients of the Pin-Up bookmaker can participate in the promotion.
  • The offer is available only for those users who have one gaming profile registered on the company’s website. In case of disclosure of fraud on the player’s part, the company has every right to block all client accounts and send them to the blacklist for life without the right to restore.
  • If the Pin-Up manager deems it necessary, he can initiate the procedure for identifying the player’s identity. This is done for security purposes.
  • The bookmaker admits that the terms of the promotional offer can be changed or supplemented at any time.

In general, the Pin-Up company hopes for the integrity of the players and a responsible approach to business.

The promotional offer of Pin-Up Weekly free bet is held on an ongoing basis. Therefore, we are sure that you will definitely be lucky! Good luck!

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