Multiplier of the month in ZAZA casino

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Multiplier of the month in ZAZA casino

Do you love gambling, regularly test a variety of slots and achieve success in the game? In this case, you are entitled to a bonus for activity and luck! Take part in the offer Multiplier of the month in ZAZA casino and get up to $500 as a reward if your multiplier is the largest over the past month.

Multiplier of the month in ZAZA casino: the essence of the promo

Many readers are probably used to the classic conditions of online casino promotions, bookmakers, and poker rooms – a player performs several specific actions and receives a present from the company after that. The promo Multiplier of the month in ZAZA casino will break the established traditions.

To participate in the promotion, users do not need to fulfill any conditions because to get $ 500, it is enough to play any ZAZA casino games, betting on a convenient amount for themselves. The user who receives the highest multiplier of the month will be rewarded with real cash!

Multiplier of the month in ZAZA casino: terms of participation

Do bettors really not need to fulfill any conditions to join in the event Multiplier of the month in ZAZA casino? There are really no restrictions on the choice of the game and the amount of the bet. As for the basic rules of the company, this list of requirements must be met to receive a bonus in case of victory:

  1. The presence of a gaming account on the site. Everything is logical here because you can’t play for real money without an account. Do you still have no profile on the site? You can create one in just a minute, and when you mention ZAZA promo code zaza in the registration form of the questionnaire, the company will provide additional rewards.
  2. Account confirmation. This item implies filling in the game profile, as well as mandatory verification of contacts.
  3. Unlocked Casino section. The promotion Multiplier of the month in ZAZA casino applies exclusively to casino.
  4. Bets for real money. The highest multipliers received for betting on real money are included in the promotion. ZAZA free coins and other bonuses are not included in the promo.

What about awarding prizes? Of course, the winner is not chosen by the company “blindly”. On the event page, there will be a leaderboard updated every 2-4 minutes, and everyone can follow the positions of which. At the end of the month, the company’s representatives will select the user with the highest multiplier and transfer him a monetary reward within 7 days after the end of the tournament.

What if two players have the same score? In this case, the cash prize will be awarded to the user who first achieved the result.

Duration of the promotion: permanently.

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