Private Club at Casino X

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Private Club at Casino X

Sports fans know that it is awesome to show a good result in a short period, but it is much better when a player performs consistently for a long time. So it is in online casino games. Experienced companies’ clients often try their hand at long tournaments. One of these is a Private Club at Casino X.

Private Club at Casino X: general information

The Private Club at Casino X can be found on the official website in the “Tournaments” tab. It takes place every week from Tuesday to Friday. The beginning is at 03:00 (GMT+3), the end is at 02:59 (GMT+3). If the tournament is going on right now, then in the designated tab you will be able to view the current position in the standings. Also, the standings of the last completed draw will be located nearby.

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The essence of the tournament is that players participate in the available games. Usually, there are five games to choose from, the list is constantly changing. In each game, you can score points according to the “maximum win rate” system. The higher it is, the more points you get in the overall table.

According to the results of the Private Club at Casino X, the top 50 players receive prizes: top 10 – money (with subsequent wagering), the rest – free spins.

Place Percentage of the prize pool/Number of free spins
1 44%
2 15%
3 12%
4 8%
5 6%
6 5%
7 4%
8 3%
9 2%
10 1%
11-25 30 free spins
26-50 20 free spins

The prize fund of the tournament depends on the number of participants in the Private Club at Casino X draw. But the prize pool cannot be lower than 1000 EUR. The main conditions of the draw:

  • Exclusive games and even pre-releases are offered to the participants of the tournament.
  • The minimum stake for the Private Club at Casino X members is 0.5 EUR.
  • Real money bets are taken into account to earn points. Points cannot be used for other tournaments.

Points in the Private Club at Casino X are scored according to the following scheme, depending on the winning coefficient:

Number of points The value of the win
0 points from х0 to х3
5 points from х3 to х5
25 points from х5 to х15
50 points from х15 to х30
150 points from х30 to х50
300 points from х50 to х100
777 points from х100 to х500
7777 points from х500 and more

The “Booster” function is used in the Private Club at Casino X. It is possible to get more tournament points and bypass less active competitors thanks to it. It is recommended to use this function if the player is in the table above you, and he is inactive for half an hour or more. The status of the player’s activity is indicated by the color of the circle near his profile (inactive – brown). Note that if the points are equal, the player who scored a certain amount earlier will be higher in the list.

Private Club at Casino X: general information

Private club at Casino X: how to wager a prize

Points are added to the standings automatically. All prizes are awarded by the Private club at Casino X organizers within seven days after the end of the tournament. In order to transfer funds to a real account, they must be wagered with an x3 wager.

If you have any questions, you can contact Casino X support. Become a part of exciting practical jokes!

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