Mostbet Loyalty Program

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Mostbet Loyalty Program

You’ve heard about magic coins, but do not know how to accumulate them and spend them correctly? Today we will talk in detail about the internal currency of the popular online casino, as well as the main benefits that Mostbet Loyalty Program provides to its members.

Mostbet Loyalty Program - from begginer to vip

Mostbet Loyalty Program: from Begginer To VIP

Mostbet Loyalty Program is available by default to any registered online casino customer. Even if you are not a hyperactive player, it will not be difficult to advance in it, because coins are awarded not only for deposits and bets, but also for standard actions, such as filling out a profile or confirming an email.

Attention: coins are the internal Mostbet currency, which can be exchanged for bonuses (optional) or real money (optional).

Mostbet Loyalty Program provides nine levels. You will need to accumulate two hundred coins to reach the first of them (“Beginner”). You can do this in the following way:

  1. Verify the email address (the action is valued at 50 coins);
  2. Fill in the player’s personal account (50 more coins);
  3. Play in the casino for real money (150 coins).

Attention: if you are registering at an online casino site for the first time, do not forget to use the promo code tbbonus, which will activate the welcome package for beginners (300 EUR plus free spins).

In addition, coins are awarded for deposits made, tasks completed and reaching a certain level (their amount in this case is not a fixed value).

  • So, for example, if you have reached the “Beginner” level, you will receive an extra five coins;
  • For the transition to the level of “Roller” relies 20 coins;
  • Those who have reached the “Lucky” level will be able to count on 40 coins;
  • “Experienced” will be credited with 50 additional coins once;
  • Anyone who has reached the “Master” level will find 60 more coins on their account;
  • “Expert” is supposed to be 70 coins;
  • “Professional” – 80;
  • “High Roller” – 90.

Mostbet Loyalty Program High roller

But that’s not all. Mostbet Loyalty Program allows you to independently plan not only your bank, but also calculate the speed of progress from stage to stage. The online casino has the following scheme for accruing coins for deposits made:

Deposit amount (EUR) Mostbet-coins
10 5
45 6
75 7
50 9
225 10
375 12

Attention: only real money deposits are taken into account.

In addition, a rather interesting “floating” option is provided here, which allows you to accumulate additional coins for completed tasks, which are regularly published on the program page in the bonus section. In particular, “coins” can be awarded for spins in the casino section, a bet made in a live casino or simple actions (for example, “five in a row”, that is, bets on five slot machines in one day).

Attention: for the convenience of users, an interactive electronic scoreboard with a countdown is displayed under the list of tasks.

Mostbet Loyalty Program provides a number of benefits for the most active online casino customers. One of the most interesting is the possibility of exchanging accumulated coins for real money (for example, with a withdrawal to a card).

It is worth clarifying that the exchange rate in this case is not strictly fixed and depends on what level you managed to reach. Simply put, the higher your status, the more profitable the course will be offered to you:

Title Minimum rating Exchange Rates (EUR) Wager
«Beginner» 200 600 to one 60
«Roller» 1k 540 to one
«Lucky» 2k 480 to one
«Experienced» 3,5k 420 to one
«Master» 5k 360 to one
«Expert» 10k 300 to one 50
«Professional» 15k 240 to one
«High roller» 20k 180 to one
VIP 25k 120 to one 40

As you can see, before withdrawing, the accumulated amount must be wagered with the proposed wager. However, the principle mentioned above also applies here: the higher your rating, the lower this value will be.

Mostbet Loyalty Program: FAQ

Mostbet Loyalty Program: how to join?

To rise to the "Beginner" stage, it is enough to accumulate two hundred coins.

Mostbet Loyalty Program: what is a High roller?

High Roller is the penultimate stage of the loyalty program, to achieve which you need to increase your rating to 20 thousand.

Mostbet Loyalty Program: can coins be exchanged for money?

Yes, but the exchange rate directly depends on what level of the loyalty program you are at.

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