Moors Sports Club

Team Country: Sri Lanka
Team City: Colombo, Sri Lanka
Founded (Year): 1908
Home Ground: Moors Sports Club Ground
Coach: Eric Upashantha
Captain: Chamara Silva
Forms of Cricket: First-Class Limited Overs
Moors Sports Club

Moors Sports Club: competitions

Moors Sports Club: First-Class Cricket Competitions

Logo Tournament Wins Years Premier Trophy Premier Trophy 1 2002–03

Moors Sports Club: Limited Overs Cricket Competitions

Logo Tournament Wins Years
Premier Limited Overs Tournament 0

Moors Sports Club: Sri Lanka Cricket Team Review

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Moors Sports Club

The people of Sri Lanka are very fond of cricket. This sport is very popular in the country, as evidenced by a large number of cricket teams and professional athletes. One of the oldest and most famous cricket teams is the Moors Sports Club, based in the Pettah area of ​​Colombo. The team’s history goes back over 100 years, and the team was able to reach great heights in cricket during this time.

The home ground at which Moors Sports Club is based is the Moors Sports Club Ground. If you are in Sri Lanka and decide to visit this land for a change, look for it in the navigator on Muttaiah Road and Braybrooke Place, near Lake Beira and the Gangaramaya temple. The site is located just one kilometer from the sea. It is known that the stadium is equipped with all the necessary modern facilities, which are used in all places intended for first-class cricket. Therefore, the team regularly trains at this site.

You should dwell on the Moors Sports Club symbols. It is a horizontal (sometimes vertical) composition with the coat of arms and the name of the club, made in Gothic fonts. The coat of arms itself is made in the form of a wreath, inside which there is a famous symbol – a star and a crescent. All this is painted in shades of green, which are the club’s signature color scheme.

Moors Sports Club: history and highlights

Moors Sports Club was founded in 1908, and its first president was Sir Mohammed Macan Markar. It is reported that the organization’s main goal is to popularize sports, and cricket is the main activity.

The Moors Sports Club cricket team has consistently participated in small matches since its inception. The team was recognized as a first-class club in 1921 and reinforced by a constant stream of young cricketers in 1936. It became one of the best teams in the region.

In 1983, the Moors Sports Club cricket team reached a new level by signing contracts with professional players and received test status. Usually, the team’s play in the main cricket tournament in Sri Lanka was not particularly bright and noticeable. Everything has changed in the 2002-2003 season: the guys reached the final, where they met with the Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic Club. MSC managed to defeat the rivals and win their first trophy. In addition, playing Nandika Ranjith received the title of best man of the match, and Chandika Hathurusingha – the best player of the entire tournament.

Moors Sports Club: history and highlights

Moors Sports Club: an overview of the club’s website and social networks

Of course, we could not pass by the official website of Moors Sports Club because it is the team’s face on the Internet. It should be noted that the site is made very simple: as soon as the user enters it, he is greeted by a photo of the stadium. Having admired the site, you can start exploring the content of the Moors Sports Club website.

The site is moderately saturated. There are practically no unnecessary elements in it. Visitors are provided with basic information about the club’s activities, plus various exclusive photographs. The site is very simple. Therefore it is very convenient.

So what can the Moors Sports Club cricket fans do on it? Let’s briefly tell you:

  • Read a detailed history of the club. In our review, we focused only on the main moments of the history of Moors Sports Club, but if you are thirsty for knowledge and want to know more, go to the team’s official website, where you will find all the historical information.
  • Learn about other activities of the club. The Moors Sports Club is not only cricket but also tennis, billiards and so on. Detailed information about this is posted in the corresponding section of the site.
  • View the photo gallery. The site contains a fairly extensive photo gallery of the club’s activities. Anyone can get acquainted with the photo content.
  • Read information on how to join the club. Detailed instructions are in the corresponding section.
  • Contact management. Any questions? The actual contact details can always be found on the official website of the Moors Sports Club.

A significant disadvantage, in our opinion, is the lack of updating the news section. Developers and administration should pay attention to this to attract even more visitors to the site.

We also managed to find the official Moors Sports Club page on Facebook, but it contains only a few entries and has not been updated since 2018.

Moors Sports Club: Current Cricket Team Squad and Achievements

Moors Sports Club: Current Cricket Team Squad and Achievements

Any sports team must constantly develop and grow. Intensive training is carried out with the team, and new players are recruited for this. The management of sports clubs is constantly looking for promising athletes for their team and creating a perfectly balanced club to win more trophies. The Moors Sports Club also renews its roster periodically from season to season. At the time of this writing, the club’s team includes the following players in 2022:

  • Batsmen: Tilaksha Sumanasiri, Chamara Silva (captain), Shanuka Dulaj, Adeesha Thilanchana, Irosh Samarasooriya, Pabasara Waduge, Sahan Wijeratne, Primosh Perera.
  • Bowlers: Chanuka Dilshan, Sahan Adeesha, Nilanka Sandakan, Sajeewa Weerakoon, Tharindu Ratnayake, Umesh Kasun, Shiran Fernando, Andrew Parays.
  • All-rounders: Kosala Kulasekara.
  • Wicket-keepers: Supeshala Jayathilake, Charitha Kumarasinghe, Denuwan Rajakaruna.

We will separately dwell on the club’s coach, Eric Upashantha (full name – Kalutarage Eric Amila Upashantha). He was born on June 10, 1972 in Kurunegala and is a former cricketer for the Sri Lanka national team. The athlete represented his country in international matches from 1995 to 2002. He received his education at Maliadeva College, which is in his hometown. Eric Upashantha is renowned for being great against seam bowlers.

The Moors Sports Club managed to win the Trophy Premier only once during its existence: this happened in the 2002-2003 season. The team periodically shows great results, so we hope that the guys will still have time to please their fans not only with a spectacular game but also with new trophies.

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