Lottery in Betwinner

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Lottery in Betwinner

A person wants to be happy, and the bookmaker Betwinner loves to give joy to its clients. You can grab a piece of luck in the Lottery in Betwinner game, in which the company raffles bonus points for Promo Code Store and valuable prizes. We tell you how to literally win a solid amount in one click for purchases on the gambling site or one of the top gadgets.

Lottery in Betwinner: the essence of the game

If you plunge into childhood for a moment, many people will surely be able to remember instant lotteries in which it was necessary to erase the upper protective layer under which the winnings could be. Agree, a few years ago this process was a kind of gambling.

After a considerable amount of time, paper lotteries have ceased to be famous, because many games on the Internet have come to replace them. For example, the good old entertainment is now available in an online format called Lottery in Betwinner.

What is the essence of the promotion and how does it attract the company’s clients daily? The Lottery is one of the mini-games available on the bookmaker’s website in the Promo section (Bonus Games tab). During the game, the user is asked to choose a lottery ticket, and then erase any 3 fields out of 9 in it. Under the protective layer, there will be numbers, the sum of which will become a prize issued in the format of bonus points.

Is it worth playing if the main prize of the lottery is bonus points? Of course, on the bookmaker’s website, these points act as an additional currency for buying promo codes. To be more precise, bonus points can be exchanged for freebets, free spins, and entries to mini-games (Lottery or, for example, Safe in Betwinner).

In addition to bonus points, once a month the company will raffle valuable prizes that may be under one of the protective layers of the lottery ticket. The days of the draw are not announced, which is why winning a top gadget can be a pleasant surprise.

Lottery in Betwinner: how to participate

Before buying a ticket and taking part in the Lottery in Betwinner, the user will need to follow several standard rules, non-compliance with which may prevent the crediting of prize money to the account.

  1. The first condition concerns the presence of an account. A player must have no more than one account on the site. You cannot play without going through the Betwinner registration. If the profile is not created, the Betwinner Promo Code article will help not only solve this issue, but also tell you how to get an increased bonus at the start of the game.
  2. The second condition concerns the status of the profile. According to the rules, the user is required to provide information about himself by filling in all the fields of the Profile tab in his personal account.
  3. The third condition applies directly to receiving bonuses. To be able to transfer the winnings to the balance, select “Sports” or “Casino” in the account settings, where it is about receiving bonuses from the company (it does not matter which category will be selected for the Lottery in Betwinner game, the main thing is not to refuse the rewards at all).

Next, open the game and purchase lottery tickets. You can make a purchase both for real money on the Lottery in Betwinner page, and for bonus points in the Promo Code Store. Next, select the ticket of interest.

As mentioned earlier, there are 9 fields on the lottery ticket. You need to erase any three squares, under the protective layer of which there are numbers. At the end of the game, the system will calculate the number of points in all three fields and transfer it to the bonus balance.

Duration of the promotion: permanently.

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