Linebet Toto

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Linebet Toto

Linebet Toto is one of the most popular subsections of online casinos, which is not surprising at all, since it is here that players can combine business with pleasure by increasing their betting level and replenishing their account with bonus points at the same time. How? We’re telling you!

Linebet Toto: the main ways to issue a coupon

The Linebet sweepstakes is presented in seven categories, each of which is of particular interest to fans of a particular sport. So, for example, if you wish, you can issue a coupon that consists entirely of football or hockey events, or choose an esports option. The “15” is no less in demand, which does not require any special skills from the player at all. Moreover, the “Random Selection” option allows you to try your luck by entrusting the selection of the most suitable outcomes to the system.

However, there is a subsection in this branch that we want to talk about separately – namely, Linebet Toto.

Attention: only registered Linebet customers can participate in the sweepstakes. If you are creating an account for the first time, we recommend using the ISPORT promo code Linebet, which opens the way to a starting sports promotion of up to 100 EUR.

In fact, this is one of the simplest types of sports betting. The user is asked to fill out a coupon consisting of twelve events (usually football). Some of them can be attributed to the top category, others are held within the framework of local leagues that are not widely popular (for example, the Irish Championship). Unlike standard coupons, where you can include such outcome options as, for example, Total Over or the total number of goals scored / free kicks made. There are only three options here:

  • 1 (first team win);
  • 2 (victory of the second team);
  • X (draw).

For the convenience of participants, each item in the list is accompanied by a detailed sign indicating the name of the championship, the start date and links to statistics. Equally important, next to each of the outcome options are percentage data that allow you to represent the current balance of forces, which is especially useful if you are not too familiar with a particular league (for example, 1 43%, 2 32%, X 25%).

Only one outcome can be selected for each specific event. At the same time, you can either trust your intuition or stop at one of two random options:

  1. Blind bet. By clicking on the button of the same name under the coupon form, you will place a bet without the possibility of prior acquaintance with the choice of the system. In fact, it’s like picking prize balls from a reel blindfolded;
  2. Random selection. This button starts autofill of the coupon – with the difference that you will be able to check it before registering in this case.

It is important to place the final bet in Linebet Toto before the start of the first match from the list. If you do not fit into the specified time frame, then the coupon will not be registered (however, you can try your luck again literally in a day. Since a new edition is published immediately after the calculation of the previous one is completed).

Sport is an unpredictable phenomenon in a good way, so you should be prepared that one or more matches from the coupon may be canceled and/or are considered void. In such situations, the participants’ winnings are reviewed in the following order:

  • So, if four or more events from the list have been considered void, the total circulation is completely reset, and no prizes are awarded;
  • If three events have been considered void, then the participants who correctly guessed 8 and 9 events from the list do not receive a reward;
  • Eight correctly guessed outcomes are also not grounds for receiving a reward if one or two events from the list have been considered void.

If all the events in the coupon were recognized as having taken place, then participants receive well-deserved prizes in the form of bonus points, which can be exchanged for spins and gaming sessions in the “Promo Code Store” section:

  • Those who guess eight outcomes are awarded 100 BP;
  • 250 BP are awarded to those who guessed nine outcomes;
  • One thousand BP goes to the account of everyone who guessed at least 10 outcomes from the list;
  • Those who guessed 11 outcomes are credited with 3 thousand BP;
  • And finally, those who correctly identified all the outcomes in the coupon receive 7 thousand BP.

You do not need to pay for a coupon in Linebet Toto. However, before the first match from the list starts, you need to confirm your forecast by making a sports bet of 2 EUR with an odd of 2.00 (single or accumulator).

Linebet Toto: FAQ
Do you need to register to participate in Linebet Toto?
How much can you win in Linebet Toto?
Linebet Toto: the coupon has been considered void. Why?
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Do you need to register to participate in Linebet Toto?
Yes, only registered Linebet customers can place bets on the sweepstakes.
How much can you win in Linebet Toto?
The prize for the participant who guessed all 12 outcomes in the coupon is 7000 bonus points.
Linebet Toto: the coupon has been considered void. Why?
The total coupon can be considered void only in one case - if four or more events from the list were declared invalid.