Linebet Promo

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Linebet Promo

If you have never made a bet on bonus funds, then Linebet Promo will surely give you a lot of surprises, because in this section you can change the internal currency of the site – bonus points – for games and spins, which means you can earn even more! How to do it? Read in our material.

Linebet Promo: secrets of bonuses for active play

Under the sign of Linebet Promo hides not only one of the most famous sections of the company’s website (“Promo Code Store”), but also a loyalty program that anyone can join.

Why should you do this?

The fact is that even the most experienced and successful bettors are not immune from temporary failures. This happens to everyone and does not depend on the effectiveness of your strategy or intuition – the match may be canceled due to adverse weather conditions, the favorite may get injured, and the team may not go on the field in protest against the behavior of fans.

It is in such situations that Linebet Promo comes to the rescue, which allows you to minimize losses and even benefit. Of course, this will require several conditions to be met:

  • Log in to the Linebet website;
  • Make a certain number of bets during the day;
  • Go to the “Promo” subsection in the branch of the same name;
  • Check the status of the bonus account;
  • Choose your favorite game or bet option from the suggested list;
  • Click “Get” and wait for the win.

The subsection presents several dozen options for betting, starting with the legendary Lucky Wheel and ending with esports. In order not to get confused, we recommend starting by sorting by category (“Esports“, “Sports”, “Games”, “Bets”). This will help not only save time, but also distribute the bonus more efficiently.

How is the calculation and accrual of funds made in Linebet Promo?

To understand the mechanics of the loyalty program, it is enough to remember the formula “Percentage on account balance”, according to which the total number of bonus points per day is determined as follows:

(The account balance at the beginning of the day – the total amount of withdrawals that the player made in 24 hours) x percentage of the reward

The percentage of the reward, in turn, depends on how many bets you managed to make during the day. It is calculated according to a simple formula:

The amount of winnings (losses) on a previously concluded bet / 10 x account balance

As you can see, the amount of percent is not affected by the status of the bet. Regardless of whether you win or lose, it will remain the same. The only exceptions are sold and insured bets, as well as bets calculated with an odd of 1.00 (in such cases, no percent is charged).

Let’s analyze an example.

Let’s say that by the beginning of the day there are 4000 EUR left on your account. Over the next 24 hours, you have put down 2000 EUR by making 10 sports bets with a coefficient of 2.5 for 200 EUR each. Four of them won, four lost, two more were calculated with an odd of 1.00, therefore:

The percentage of winning bets will be 4 x 200 / (10 x 4000) = 0.02%

The percentage of losing bets will be 4 x 200 / (10 x 4000) = 0.02%

Total % – 0.04%

The total number of bonus points is (4000 – 0) x 0.04 / 100 = 1.6

Attention: a prerequisite for the accrual of bonus points is the calculation of all bets that were issued during the day.

The rules of the loyalty program allow the accumulation of bonus points. In other words, if you wish, you cannot spend them, but wait for the end of the calendar month and convert them into real money. However, be careful: you cannot use both options at the same time.

It is worth clarifying that Linebet Promo is far from the only section in which promo codes operate. You can get the first reward using the promo code already at the account registration stage by specifying the Linebet promo code ISPORT in the corresponding line and choosing one of two types of promotion – “Sport” or “Casino”.

Linebet Promo: FAQ
What is Linebet Promo?
How do I exchange bonus points for Linebet Promo bets?
Can I refuse to participate in the Linebet Promo?

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What is Linebet Promo?
Linebet Promo is a loyalty program for the most active clients, as well as a section of the same name where you can purchase a promo code.
How do I exchange bonus points for Linebet Promo bets?
To do this, go to the "Promo Code Store", check the status of the bonus account and click on the game/sport you like, after specifying the bet amount.
Can I refuse to participate in the Linebet Promo?
Participation in the loyalty program is optional, not mandatory, so you can either take your chance or refuse it.