Linebet Spins Tournaments

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Linebet Spins Tournaments

Do you want to take part in a race where only three players will compete for the main prize? And get a consolation prize in case of loss? Then you should definitely pay attention to Linebet Spins Tournaments, which are held regularly in a local poker room and require the minimum effort from the participants.

Linebet Spins Tournaments: play for a 100% victory

Linebet Spins Tournaments may not be the most famous item on the promotional list of a favored company, but it definitely deserves consideration, because, unlike traditional slot races, the competition here is not so big, but the chances of a final reward are much higher.

Since Linebet Spins Tournaments are held regularly, all a player needs to do is wait for two more people to appear, because strictly three people can take part in each round, no more and no less. Once the “team” has assembled, you will need to perform a simple chain of steps:

  1. Log in to the site;
  2. Top up your personal account with the amount you are willing to spend;
  3. Go to the poker section (a link to it can be found in the right part of the upper menu bar) and click on the “Play” button;
  4. Make a buy-in in the amount of 0,25 USD to 10 USD.

Attention: Linebet Spins Tournaments are available both in desktop and mobile versions of the site, as well as in a special application for mobile devices.

It is the size of the buy-ins together with the commission percentage and the mandatory tournament fee that determine the total amount of the prize fund:

Buy-in, USD Commission, USD Final rake for three participants, USD
0,25 0,02 0,19
1 0,08 0,76
3 0,24 2,28
5 0,7 7,9

Thus, the size of the winnings is rigidly tied to the buy-in and is actually a constant value. If you have won the next round of the spinы tournament, you can count on:

  • 0,50 USD if your buy-in was 0.25 USD;
  • 2 USD with a buy-in of 1 USD;
  • 6 USD with a buy-in of 3 USD;
  • 20 USD, if you have made a maximum, that is, 10 USD.

In addition, before the start of each individual stage, a random draw is held, according to the results of which players are credited with additional funds from the tournament fund. It is noteworthy that both the winner and one of the losers, and even both, can receive rewards.

Let’s analyze an example, taking as a basis a buy-in in the amount of 3 USD:

Extra payment to the participant who took the first place (USD) Extra payments to the losing participants (USD)
0 0
294 30
2994 300
8994 900

* Tables for other buy-in options can be found on the event page.

It is worth clarifying that for each of the above options, a specific percentage of probability is calculated in advance. For example, if the chances of getting 6 USD by the winner are 136211 out of one million, then the maximum possible reward for all three participants will be credited only in one case out of a million.

For spins tournaments, all the basic rules of Linebet promotional events apply (for example, it is forbidden to create two or more accounts for additional profit or register a second account for one IP address). However, there are some nuances: so, if one or more players are lucky enough to win large sums at the preliminary stage of the tournament, and there are not enough funds to pay out in the fund, the Linebet will give the lucky ones an individual bonus in the specified amount.

As we have already noted, Linebet Spins Tournaments are only available to registered customers. If you don’t have your own account yet, we recommend starting with its registration by using a special Linebet promo code ISPORT, with which you can get one of two starting bonuses to choose from (“Sport” or “Casino”).

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