Linebet Advancebet

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Linebet Advancebet

Have you found an attractive option for sports betting, and there are not enough funds in the account? In such situations, the Linebet Advancebet comes to the rescue – a useful bonus with which you can not only recapture the money you spent earlier, but also get additional winnings. How to do it? We’ll tell you!

Linebet Advancebet: an advance on sports betting from a bookmaker

Linebet Advancebet is an ideal option for bettors who prefer to make bets in the Live section. Unlike the Line, the coefficients here change much faster, so it’s easier to catch a more profitable option. However, there is a downside to Live: unfortunately, as practice shows, the player does not always have time to replenish the account promptly in order to make a bet of his dreams.

It is for such cases that the Linebet Advancebet was developed – an option that allows you to register a bet slip in advance.

How does it work?

Let’s start with the main thing:

  1. Only live events participate in the promotion, as well as events that should start within the next two days;
  2. The amount of the advance is calculated individually based on the assessment of the chances of uncalculated bets on a winning outcome;
  3. Linebet may refuse to provide an advance payment without necessarily explaining the reasons.

There are no restrictions on sports disciplines in the rules of the promotion. You can choose one of the top European football leagues, make a bet on a cricket match or esports. To find out how much the bookmaker is ready to offer you, just click on the selected coefficient, and then select the “Available advance” in the electronic form of the bet slip.

Attention: only registered users can bet on sports in Linebet. If you are creating an account for the first time, we advise you to pay attention to the promo code ISPORT, with which you can get up to 100 USD as a gift!

If the specified value suits you, you can proceed to the bet sip registration. Let’s analyze a simple example that will help you understand the principle of the operation of advance bet.

Linebet Advancebet: rules

Let’s say you have 400 USD in your account. You made two bets, betting 150 USD with an odd 4.90 on a draw in the Champions League match between Benfica and Liverpool and the same amount on Denis Kudla’s victory over Steve Johnson at ATP Houston (coefficient 2.50). Thus, in the first case, the potential gain will be 735 USD, and in the second – 375 USD.

There are 100 USD left on the account, and the bookmaker offers you to place an advance bet in the amount of 200 USD. In fact, this means that you can spend 300 USD. Imagine that you decided to make two more bets, betting 150 USD on Jasmine Paolini’s victory over Jessica Pegula in Charleston (odd 3.20, potential gain of 480 USD) and the same amount on TU17.5 in the Madison Keys vs. Ulrikke Eikeri duel (odd 1.90, potential gain – 285 USD). Thus, if you are lucky, the Linebet Advancebet can bring in a total of an additional 765 USD minus the advance, that is, 565 USD.

If you missed one or more outcomes, then three main scenarios are possible.

  • The first one. Advance bets won, preliminary bets lost. In such cases, the player is not allowed to make an additional payment to cover the received advance, and only the money that remained on it before receiving the advance is returned to the account (in this case, it is 100 USD).
  • The second. Advance bets lost, preliminary bets won. The net winnings minus the advance are credited to the user’s account, that is (735 + 375) – 200 = 910 USD.
  • The third. Both advance and preliminary bets lost. In such a situation, the first ones are canceled, and the lost personal money (recall, in this case, it is 100 USD) is debited from the account.

Finally, let’s clarify that the Linebet Advancebet is far from the only promotion on the company’s list. You can get acquainted with the rest of the offers in the “Promo” section, but in order to always stay up to date with new products, we recommend subscribing to a special mailing list (an SMS option is also available).

Linebet Advancebet: FAQ
Linebet Advancebet: how to get it?
How is the Linebet Advancebet calculated?
Linebet Advancebet: Can I get it twice?
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Linebet Advancebet: how to get it?
Only registered players who place a Live bet can apply for an advance (also available for events that should start within the next two days).
How is the Linebet Advancebet calculated?
The amount of the advance bet in each specific case is calculated individually.
Linebet Advancebet: Can I get it twice?
Yes, since the promotion is among the indefinite ones.