Jeetwin Loyalty Program

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Jeetwin Loyalty Program

Is it worth taking part in the loyalty program? This question has probably been asked at least once by any novice gambler who has chosen a betting platform. Agree, you don’t always want to be distracted by scoring points and checking the status on duty, especially when you have a game going on. Jeetwin understands this well. Therefore, becoming a regular customer of this online casino, you can not worry about your status or the accrual of the required bonuses: all calculations are automated, so the bettor only has to decide how to use this or that gift. Read our review about how the Jeetwin Loyalty Program functions and what a beginner needs to know.

Jeetwin Loyalty Program:exploring the benefits

Jeetwin Loyalty program includes six levels:

  • “Bronze”;
  • “Silver”;
  • “Gold”;
  • “Pearl”;
  • “Ruby”;
  • “Kohinur”.

The program is activated automatically. Simply put, you do not need to waste time communicating with support and waiting for a response: after registering via a promo link and receiving one of the three options for the initial promotion, you can start accumulating loyalty points, or LP. In fact, it is nothing more than the internal currency of an online casino, which is used to confirm the status achieved and can be freely converted into real money. LP are credited for bets placed on funds from the main account in the following proportions:

  • For playing in the slot section and E-Games – 1 BL for every 50 INR bets;
  • For playing in “Live dealers” – 1 BL for every 200 INR;
  • And finally, in “Board games” you can get 1 BL for every thousand INR.

Each stage of the Jeetwin Loyalty Program has its own set of bonuses and additional benefits aimed at making the game process as comfortable as possible for the participant:

Bonuses and benefits “Bronze” level “Silver” level “Gold” level “Pearl” level “Ruby” level “Kohinur” level
The minimum number of LP 2,5 thousand 25 thousand 150 thousand 300 thousand 500 thousand 775 thousand
Exchange of loyalty points (LP) for cash No 100 LP = 2 INR 100 LP = 2,5 INR 100 LP = 3,33 INR 100 LP = 5 INR 100 LP = 10 INR
Loyalty Bonus points (per month) No 1,5 thousand LP 3250 LP 6300 LP 11250 LP 21 thousand LP
Accelerated withdrawal of funds No No No Yes Yes Yes
Exclusive support number No No No Yes Yes Yes
Access to VIP sweepstakes No No No Yes Yes Yes
Exclusive VIP support No No No No Yes Yes
Express Cashback* No No No No Yes Yes
Paid travel No No No No No Yes

* Ruby players can request Express cashback once a month, and Kohinuras can request it twice a month.

As it is easy to notice, the Jeetwin Loyalty Program does not provide a single exchange rate for real money. For example, a “Gold” client who has accumulated 50,000 points will be able to get 1250 INR for them, while a “Kohinur” will be credited with five thousand already.

Points are recalculated strictly once a day, so you can plan the exchange schedule yourself or, on the contrary, save them on the account. Each of the two choices has its pros: so, in particular, by changing the LP for live money, you can either use them for further stakes or cash out in any convenient way. If you conclude to go the other path and leave them on the account, you will strengthen your status and be able to claim additional LP as a monthly bonus.

Level The minimum monthly number of LP required to confirm the status
“Silver” 10 thousand
“Gold” 13 thousand
“Pearl” 18 thousand
“Ruby” 25 thousand
“Kohinur” 35 thousand

Attention: the minimum amount that can be withdrawn by exchanging for BL is 500 INR.

Another significant plus of the Jeetwin Loyalty Program is that the LP accumulated by the participant is not debited and does not burn out after the transition to each next level. Simply put, you can step away from the game for a while by pausing. This will not affect your status in any way, but be prepared for the fact that you will not be able to receive some bonuses during the game downtime (for example, express cashback, accelerated withdrawal of funds, and so on).

Jeetwin Loyalty Program: FAQ
How does Jeetwin Loyalty Program work?
How is the Jeetwin Loyalty Program activated?
How do you confirm my status in the Jeetwin Loyalty Program?
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How does Jeetwin Loyalty Program work?
Loyalty points are awarded to participants for the bets placed. The more LP you have accumulated, the more bonuses and additional features you will receive (express cashback, exclusive support, etc.)
How is the Jeetwin Loyalty Program activated?
The program is activated automatically immediately after the registration is completed.
How do you confirm my status in the Jeetwin Loyalty Program?
It is enough to maintain gaming activity by accumulating LP (so, for "Silver" players, the monthly minimum is 10 thousand LP, for "Cochinurs" - 35 thousand).